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Silver Lining For New York Sports Fans


and in front of every silver lining is a dark cloud…

As a huge New York Jets, Mets and Knicks fan, Monday was a very trying day for me.  Even though everything that could go wrong went wrong , I have taken more of an optimistic view over my three teams.  Yesterday, the New York Jets proved the world correct by finally ending what I consider to be the most pathetic and embarrassing season for a franchise that has been a joke for most of its existence.  The New York Mets became the first team since 1998 to trade away the past year’s Cy Young Award winner by dealing fan favorite RA Dickey to the Blue Jays (1998-Blue Jays traded Roger Clemens to the Yankees).  The New York Knicks had a visit from the most popular player in the league a year ago, Jeremy Lin, and got shellacked by him for the second time this season.  If you are a fan of any of these teams, or all three like myself, then Monday looked like and extremely rough day. I am going to explain why I feel there is a silver lining for each of these tumultuous events.


Let’s wipe this dirty Sanchez off the face of the Jets once and for all!

Let’s start with J-E-T-S (Just End The Season); Thank God they did!  I have never in my life rooted for one of my teams to lose…except for last night.  The Jets have been an  absolute CIRCUS since the end of last season.  The acquisition of Tim Tebow was a mistake from the get-go and not once did the Jets and their coaching staff try to rectify that situation.  The pathetic Offensive Coordinator, Brian Schottenheimer, was fired only to be replaced by an even worse one, Tony Sparano.  Mark Sanchez’s ability as a QB receded worse that Lebron James’ hair line.  The Jets had arguably the worst receiving core in NFL history and couldn’t develop a running attack against any formidable opponents.  So why was I rooting against the Jets yesterday, even with their playoff chances still intact if they had won?  Because it would have all been the same shit again next year if the Jets showed even the slightest bit of success.  With this mortifying loss on Monday Night Football last night no Jets fans will ever have to watch Mark Sanchez at the QB position ever again! Ii has been announced that Greg McElroy will start Sunday against the Chargers.  The Jets GM, Mike Tannenbaum, is either going to be replaced or he is going to be put on such a hot seat that he will have no choice but to fix this never-ending pile of issues.  The Jets need to be completely revamped and there is no way that would have happened without them losing last night so there is the silver lining.


It was Linevitable that the Knicks would lose sometime…

My New York Knicks have not given their fans much to complain about this season.  They have the best record in the Eastern Conference and have looked like a title contender the whole year.  They have really only hit one speed bump this season and their name is the Houston Rockets.  The last time the Knicks had to worry about the Rockets was in 1994 when they met in the NBA Finals and went to an exhilarating game 7 which the Knicks inevitably ended up losing.  Ever since Jeremy Lin left the Knicks for a more than generous contract with the Rockets, there has been a target on his back.  Unfortunately for the Knickerbockers, that target was too small to see because for the second time this season, Jeremy Lin and the Rockets manhandled them.  I never had any ill will towards Lin once he left, especially because I knew what the Knicks overall plan was and he just wasn’t the right fit for Woodson’s game plan.  So what’s the upside to the Knicks losing twice to a supposedly inferior team?  First, the Rockets most likely won’t make the playoffs this year so the Knicks won’t be playing them again until next year.  Secondly, there was no way the Knicks were going to go 77-5 so we were bound to lose eventually.  Finally, the real silver lining behind this most recent loss at the Garden to the slightly above average Houston Rockets is that we now know exactly what we need Iman Shumpert and Amare Stoudemire for.  Shumpert wasn’t really an issue but everyone was questioning where Amare would fit in and the truth of the matter is that STAT is an extremely talented player and in situations where Melo or even Tyson or Kidd or Felton are out with injury, STAT can be a viable option that can help earn that W.


Like a sugar daddy getting his new arm candy, the Mets are putting their money into some young talent.

The New York Mets are very good at being very bad.  Outside of a handful of years that Mike Piazza was destroying anything in his way, the Mets have been completely irrelevant for nearly a quarter century.  Last year the Mets let one of their franchise’s greatest players ever, Jose Reyes, leave to their divisional foe, the Miami Marlins,  due to their money issues.  Worst part about that was that Reyes was coming off of his best ever year and the National League Batting Title.  Yesterday, the Mets completed a trade with the Toronto Blue Jays which ended with the reigning CY Young Winner and Mets fan favorite RA Dickey leaving after one of the greatest pitching seasons in NY Mets history.  So how can losing your best pitcher and biggest ticket attraction have any positives behind it? Well, I’ll start by saying that with or without Dickey, the Mets were not going anywhere any time soon.  Having said that, the Mets have no money and they need to figure out new ways to rebuild a franchise that does not have much going for it right now.  I feel that they did the right thing by signing David Wright for pretty much the rest of his career.  Now they have to figure out who will hit around him and what direction they want their franchise to go.  Between Wheeler and Harvey the Mets have some talented pitching coming up soon.  In the trade for Dickey, the Mets acquired arguably one of the best young talents in the Minors, catcher Travis d’Arnaud.  On top of that they saved a butt load of money and have positioned themselves to be a formidable opponent within a few years.  I see some bright things in the Mets future and I think it starts with Travis d’Arnaud.

So even if you are still having a hard time recovering from yesterday’s exhausting and trying events, just know that each of them have a silver lining and everything should be okay soon enough.

Mama Said Knock You Out

I’m not clowning around, and I’m not lion. The media thinks we’re a circus and I’m not gonna jump through hoops for them any more!

Nothing gives me more pleasure then when an athlete or celebrity of any sort has an altercation with a member of the media.  I especially love situations like this when a member of a team I support is involved.  This morning, Jets linebacker, and media favorite, Bart Scott, got into a heated and almost physical argument with Dan Leberfeld of Jets Confidential magazine.  Bart Scott is not one to shy away from the media for anything, but this season he has taken a different approach as he has decided to boycott the media since week 1 of the NFL season because he said he was angry at reporters for portraying the Jets as a “circus.”

Strangers in the night, exchanging rants and it turned out so right, for strangers in the night.

Before Scott’s boycott started, he found himself at the front of a lot of media related stories, both good and bad.  Everyone can remember the jovial, yet somewhat angry interview Scott had with ESPN reporter, Sal Palantonio, after the huge win over the New England Patriots, to advance to the AFC championship.  “I can’t wait!.”  Here’s a short video that I thought a was funny mash-up of that interview, which also shows the intensity that Scott plays with on a nightly basis.

Scott has never been a player to bite his tongue.  This was one of the reasons that he almost got into a rumble with Dan Leberfeld.  While speaking off the record to reporter Jane McManus of, Leberfeld walked by and tried to take a picture of Scott with his phone.  The sole purpose of the photo was for Leberfeld to use on his Jets website in a story he was writing about Scott’s media boycott.  Supposedly this same thing had happened on Wednesday and it resulted in the reporter, that Scott was actually talking to, getting upset.  Scott’s reaction to Friday’s attempted picture might have been a little of an overreaction, but I loved every second of it.

It’s a matter of professional pride. And he was mean to me!

As Leberfeld tried to take the picture, Scott asked him why he was taking another picture after he already got one on Wednesday.  Dan responded by telling Scott that he was taking the picture because he wanted to.  Scott then went on to tell Dan to “get a life.”  In a mature fashion, Dan told Scott to “get a life.”  After only those few childish schoolyard comments, Scott had to be restrained by a Jets media relations worker.  Scott hollered, “I’ll kick the shit out of you,” and Dan followed that remark by threatening to sue Scott.  Scott then added an emphatic, “I DON’T CARE!”

I know you are, but what am I?

“I don’t think a player would be that stupid,” Leberfeld said. “A player would be suspended or have legal issues, so I don’t think a player would ever do that.”  Leberfeld has been working for the Jets for 18 years now and clearly he hasn’t learned a thing.  If he paid attention to anything, he would know that Scott is not one to be messed with.  I think it would be a great fight, the 32-year-old 240 lb 6’2 linebacker vs. any sports reporter.  If I was Scott I would have wanted to hit that smug SOB also because of his antagonizing remark.  “Because I want to;” I feel like that reply definitely warrants a punch to the face.  And then he followed it with a threat to sue Scott.  If I was the Jets organization, I would fire Leberfeld for being such a little bitch.

Shortly after his altercation with Scott, Leberfeld was asked to be on the Mike Francesa radio show to explain what went on.  It really seems like Dan is the type of person to stir things like this up just to get his own name out there.  Here is the link to the interview with Mike Francesa;  Now I don’t want to see Scott get sued or suspended so I’m glad that he didn’t hit him, but I ask that if anyone ever sees Leberfeld in a dark alley, that they give him what he is owed for being such an arrogant prick.

On Scene at New York Jets Training Camp


A Jet with a brass head. Now if the active players can get some brass balls…

First I will start by giving a huge congratulations to the legendary Curtis Martin for his recent induction to the Football Hall of Fame.  Curtis, you were one of the greatest running backs ever and I was honored to watch you dominate as a New York Jet.  Now on to the current events.So, this weekend the Sports Debaters made the road-trip to Cortland, NY to take in the Green and White scrimmage at the New York Jets training facility.  A lot of events unfolded that definitely stirred up the locker room as well as the blogosphere.  Going into the scrimmage there was truly only two stories people cared about, Tim vs. Mark and Antonio Cromartie vs. the Jets receiving core.  After the scrimmage, those were still the prominent headlines but with a little tweak to each.


If it wasn’t for the fourth string fight, there would have been no energy at all!

I’ll start by saying that what the Jets call a scrimmage, I call a joke of touch football.  It seemed as if everyone on the team was lost and I was nearly falling asleep watching the same old shit play after play.  As a matter of fact, the most exciting action took place when two fourth string players got into a scuffle that resulted in the starters running on to the field to break it up.  When Mark Sanchez and the “starters” took the field, (I put starters in quotations because there are a lot of changes that need to be made), I was ready to see what the offensive mastermind Tony Sparano had in store for the fans.  It turned out that no one on the offense had any clue what to do and it was 3 and done over and over again.


Even Jesus couldn’t get anything out of Tebow

The crowd of roughly 7,000 roared optimistically when Tim Tebow came into the game.  Every time Tebow touched the ball I waited for him to make something happen and besides a couple of decent scramble’s for positive yardage he looked just as bad as Sanchez.  No one on the offense could do anything and I was ready to leave within 15 minutes of being there.  Thank God that Rex Ryan thought to put his fourth string players in, because that’s when the real action started.


First string and second string. Are the laces going to hold or do we need a 3rd and 4th string?

What was a two quarterback controversy has now been turned into a three-man battle.  The undrafted son of New York Giants great Phil Simms, Matt Simms, came in with the rest of the fourth stringers to close out what was a disgraceful scrimmage.  After an unsuccessful first drive, Matt came out for a second time and got a first down directly followed by a 31-yard touchdown bomb to fourth string receiver, Raymond Webber.  Matt Simms to Raymond Webber?  Those are two names I had to look up on my phone just to find out who they were.  The truth of the matter is that is the reason there is a training camp, for those players who haven’t been recognized to make a name for themselves and possibly earn a roster spot.  I honestly don’t care at all that Simms did this against fourth string players in a scrimmage game, because after watching Sanchez and Tebow for the past 3 years I can assure you that neither of them have ever thrown a strike like Simms did to Webber.


I lost a lot of weight. You expect me to make good football decisions now??

“All right, first off, obviously this quarterback controversy with Matt Simms — or was it Phil Simms?” said Jets Coach Rex Ryan. “That’s what you look for in some of the guys that are battling for a third spot. That’s exactly what you look for.”


Simms: An educated watcher is our best customer.

Well considering Greg “the rat” Mcelroy has never proved to be any better than a water bottle holder, I say give Simms a shot because it would be nice to have at least one quarterback who can throw the ball.


When you’re a Jet you are always a Jet from the first Jet you cripple to your own dying days…

The other hot topic going into the scrimmage was Antonio Cromartie and his ability to stick his foot so far in his mouth that it actually comes out of his ass.  After announcing to the world that he thought of himself as the #2 receiver on the Jets roster, the under-achieving CB Cromartie had a chance to shut down the Jets receiver’s and prove his point.  Roughly half way through the scrimmage, Sanchez found his favorite target Holmes, who is possibly the only person on the Jets more hated than Cro’, on a slant pattern to the sideline.  While Holmes tried to turn up the field he was met by Antonio and endured a viscous hit (in training camp terms).  The result of the collision was a damaged rib for Holmes and respect from the fans for Cromartie who smartly attacked the only player more hated than himself.  While Cromartie never got to show off his receiving skills he did make sure that there was one less receiver to compete with if he wanted to.


No camaraderie from Cromartie.

All in all this Jets training camp scrimmage was an absolute joke.  I do love that we can throw another Jets QB into the mix of media overload and now that Cromartie has taken out Holmes he should be the Jets new #1 receiver.  Stay tuned for the Sports Debaters New York Jets Beat Writer, Jeff Butler, for all of your up to date news and highlights throughout the rest of training camp and the entire football season.

Even When He Loses, He Wins!


On the Mark, get Sanchez, GO!

Last season, Mark Sanchez headed into the offseason looked at as a playoff winner, leading the Jets to consecutive AFC Title Games.  This offseason, everyone said he sucked!!  As a result the Jets brought in Tim Tebow to back Sanchez up, causing the stupidest, most unnecessary controversy in recent history.  Sanchez’s season has been well documented last year…it wasn’t great.  The Jets went 8-8, missed the playoffs and had numerous distractions in the locker room, namely Santonio Holmes.  Sanchez never pointed fingers, took the blame as captain and leader of the team and went off into the offseason determined to succeed this upcoming year, despite the Jets flirting with Peyton Manning and trading for Tebow.  Well ladies and gentleman, as champions usually do, Mark Sanchez has landed on his feet and is showing the world that he isn’t going anywhere!


Always a guy for One Up(ton)-manship!

You might be thinking to yourself, what the hell is NYBobby talking about?  The season hasn’t started yet.  However, in the game of life, there is no offseason.  Even though his arm is sometimes questionable, Mark’s ability to pick up the ladies has always been consistent.  After dating Jamie-Lynn Sigler, he upgraded to Kate Upton.  At that point, it would appear almost impossible to do better than Upton, the SI Swimsuit cover model in 2012.  However, Sanchez has managed to pull a rabbit out of his hat and is now dating the baddest chick out there, Eva Longoria.  The couple has been seen shopping together and appear to be taking it slow, at least in the public.  However, people like Mark Sanchez and Eva Longoria don’t hang out just because they like each other’s company.  NFL Quarterbacks smash out hot models…it’s the way of the world.  In fact, it might be the only similarity that Sanchez has to Tom Brady, but if that is so, it’s a damn good thing to have in common.


The question is, can he throw the Longoria ball?

I expect great things from Sanchez this season.  Since he already has about the hottest girl out there, he can fully concentrate on football and not worry about what he might be missing out on.  Jets fans, I want you to answer the following question:  When the game is on the line, who do you want holding the ball?  The guy seeing the hottest girl in the universe, or a virgin?  Not even questionable!  For those of us who have been fortunate to date a smoking hot chick like Eva Longoria, we know how much pressure it entails to be at your top performance each and every day.  If you take your mind off the task at hand, interceptions and pick 6’s are bound to happen.  Sanchez is gaining all kinds of life experience that will make him the great QB he has the potential to become.


Tony took his eye off the ball, so to speak.

Proof of the power of Eva Longoria is obvious by looking at the life of Tony Parker.  Parker has won three Championships in his career, and in a normal Eva Longoria season, he would have made it four.  Unfortunately for Tony, they split up last year.  Parker’s life became like the dude in the Direct TV commercial who sells his hair to a wig shop in Vegas.  After Parker split up from Eva, he lost confidence.  After losing confidence, his game wasn’t quite as good as he was used to.  After his game struggled, he faced off against the Thunder in the Western Conference Finals.  After making the Western Conference Finals,  Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook sent his ass home from the playoffs.  After being sent home, he ended up partying in New York City with Chris Brown.  In the process of partying with Chris Brown, he got jumped by Drake and Drake’s posse.  As Parker got jumped, he took a bottle to the face.  After the bottle hit his face, Parker suffered a scratched retina. Do you see the lesson learned here?  If you date/marry Eva Longoria, you win titles.  If you break up with her, you get your ass beat up by Drake!  Mark Sanchez, pay close attention to the events that happened to Parker and do your best to keep this girl by your side.  All Jets fans are depending on it!

Farewell to a Great!


Sometimes number 1 MEANS number 1

LaDainian Tomlinson spent nine incredible years in San Diego.  Tomorrow, Tomlinson will have the opportunity to make it nine years and one day as he will re-sign with  his former team and immediately announce his retirement as a San Diego Charger.  Going back twelve years, it wasn’t always a given that LT would be part of the San Diego franchise.  The Chargers had the #1 pick heading into the 2001 draft and were in position to draft quarterback Michael Vick from Virginia Tech, but the San Diego front office saw the TCU running back who was sixth all-time in NCAA rushing yards, and decided to fall back 4 spots and draft LT.  San Diego traded picks with the Falcons and Atlanta drafted Vick #1, and although the QB had immediate success as an exciting impact player, his troubles with the law are well documented.  While Vick was sentenced to prison following a 2006 investigation which caused him to miss the 2007 and 2008 seasons, the TCU RB was showing the NFL what an NFL MVP and class citizen looked like.


A Charger right out of the gate.

Even as they drafted him, the San Diego brass couldn’t have known how fantastic Tomlinson would turn out.  He came into camp the first summer and made it known that he was the starting running back for the franchise’s future.  LT missed only one regular season game from 2001 through 2008, rushing for over 1,100 yards in every season.  When Tomlinson left the Chargers, his 12,490 yards placed him as the eighth all-time leading rusher in NFL History.  He was also able to amass 138 career rushing TD’s, which was second all-time.  His best season was in 2006, which happened to be Mike Vick’s last year before serving his jail sentence.  Tomlinson won the MVP as he set the new NFL single-season records with 31 touchdowns, including 28 rushing.  He won the league rushing title for the first time in his career, and then followed that up in 2007 by rushing for another 1,400 yards and another rushing title.  LT left the Chargers to join my team, the New York Jets, but had already obviously cemented his Hall of Fame status in his years as a Charger.


While the Jets disappointed, LT never did.

LT signed with the Jets to be a veteran leader and a third down option in the backfield, allowing Shonn Greene a rest every now and then.  While Tomlinson accepted whatever role the Jets offered him, as he saw an opportunity to win a Superbowl with the Jets and wanted to help in any way possible, his play was way to good to keep him as a backup to Greene.  LT managed to rush for 915 yards with 6 TD’s, which happened to be 150 yards more than Greene ran for during the regular season.  When the Jets came up short in the playoffs in 2010 and then failed to make the tournament last season, one of the players I believe all fans felt the worse for was Tomlinson.  He was an incredible player as his numbers dictate, but the one thing missing from his resume in all his years with the Chargers was a Superbowl victory.  The Jets offered him a good shot, and when they failed to capitalize against the Steelers in the AFC Championship, many wondered if LT would get as close again.  His retirement tomorrow now let’s us know he won’t.


Hall of LaFame-ian

LT currently holds 36 different NFL records, which are obviously too many to write about.  I believe that he has earned a spot in the hall of fame as a rare first ballot hall of fame inductee, so hopefully in 2017 we’ll be writing about how great his speech was when he is inducted.  When LaDainian went to the Jets, he still expressed a desire to eventually retire as a Charger, even though he had a tumultuous relationship with Charger GM A.J. Smith when he departed.  As a Jets fan, I am saddened by seeing Tomlinson leave our organization, but as an NFL fan I can respect the fact the LT was possibly the greatest Charger of all time (no disrespect to Junior Seau or Kellen Winslow), and to see him work out his difficulties with Smith so San Diego can honor him on his retirement day is really wonderful to see.  Tomlinson has the personality and intelligence of an individual who will succeed in any future endeavors he partakes in, and we wish him all the success that a true gentleman and NFL icon deserves.

Check out the sick highlight reel to see LT at his greatest