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To our faithful readers:

We apologize for our lack of enthusiasm in the past few months.  Unfortunately, as all you know, we live in New York City.  To be honest, it was been extremely difficult to write about sports in New York with out getting totally fucking sick to our stomachs.  Sometimes at night, as I lay down and close my eyes, I am still haunted by visions of the Sanchez ass fumble on Thanksgiving.  New York sports is entering a recession and we are fairly god damn close to a depression.  With that said, Sports Debaters knows it’s our duty to entertain regardless and we are fully committed to picking up the slack because somebody has got to win around here.

Let’s paint a quick picture of the sports scene in New York.  The Jets are a fucking joke.  They are the laughing stock of the god damn NFL.  As currently constituted, I would rather the Jets not show up next year and forfeit all 16 games.  The Jets are so bad that they can’t even find a QB who is better than Mark Sanchez.  Today the Jets lost their best offensive weapon (Dustin Keller) to division rival Miami, but replaced him by signing three guys that I could have sworn has retired already.  There is not much more to say about this team…just that I fucking hate that fact that I fucking love them.

The Giants are in much better shape than the Jets, but are still on the decline.  They are currently in danger of losing their best WR in Victor Cruz because of a salary cap situation in which they can’t afford to pay him the premium price needed.  The Giants have let go of way more players this offseason then they have signed, including players like Ahmad Bradshaw, Chris Canty and Michael Boley who were key contributers during their Super Bowl teams.  The Giants are not among the top NFC teams anymore, which is clear by their playoff miss and failure to improve.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather be where the Giants are than where the Jets are.  With that said, there are about 10-15 teams that are in better shape than the G-men, who are only one year removed from being champions.

For the past 15 years, baseball has always brought the New York city area hope and encouragement this time of year.  I can’t waste much time on the Mets.  70 wins for the Mets will be a success this year and as of today they might be opening up the season without their best player as David Wright as suffered a rib injury.  However, as a Yankee fan, we might be entering a period in which we haven’t experienced since the early 1990’s.  All of a sudden, the Yankees don’t spend money.  This offseason, they watched all of their free agents leave, didn’t sign any of their own and were actually outbid by the Pittsburgh Pirates for a player that they could actually use, Russell Martin.  When was the last time the Pirates offered more money than the Yankees were willing to.  Tie in the Yankees stinginess to the fact that the are dropping like flies with injuries to A-Roid, Granderson and Teixeria, and it’s safe to say that the Yankees are in trouble heading into the 2013 campaign.

After an 18-5 start to the season, the New York Knicks are 20-20 in their last 40.  Amare Stoudemire is out for the remained of the regular season with a knee injury that he suffered as he was starting to look like the player the Knicks paid a max contract to 2 and a half years ago. A week later, Carmelo Anthony has been hobbling around the west coast and just had his knee drained in an attempt to get healthy.  Throw in a knee injury to Tyson Chandler, suffered in Carmelo’s homecoming game in which the Knicks got laced by their 2010 first half team, and the past few games have been simply awful for the Knickerbockers.  The only silver-lining is that I’m a Brooklyn Nets fan, and although the Nets are playing mediocre, the Knicks are playing bad enough to allow the Nets to inch closer to the division lead.  The Knicks age was always a concern and it appears that as this season has dragged on, the injury bug is slamming this team upside the head.

Last but not least, we have my New York Rangers.  I know most people don’t care about hockey and may not even be aware that there is a hockey season going on right now.  Well, the NHL season has been in action for about 2 months now, but I’m not even sure the Rangers are aware of this fact the way they have been playing.  The Rangers were 2 games away from the finals last year and ended up bringing in one of the best players in the sport in Rick Nash.  They have a star laden team and should be one of the best in the league.  After their latest loss to the Winnipeg Jets (yup, that’s really a team), the Rangers find themselves in ninth place in the Eastern Conference and out of the playoff picture.  There is still time left in the season for a turn-around, but to say that they have been disappointing doesn’t even begin to explain my feelings on this team.

New York is the best city in the world.  There are other amazing, beautiful cities out there, but New Yorkers are the brashest, proudest and hold the highest expectations for all aspects of their lives.  We are passionate about our sports and incredibly supporting of our teams.  We pay outrageous ticket prices to watch them live.  Madison Square Garden just raised their ticket prices a couple days ago for next year, which oddly enough was about the same time the Rangers and Knicks have collectively taken nose dives.  New Yorkers are resilient and we will continue to support our mediocre (and in some cases terrible) teams, and unfortunately for New York fans and sports debaters, I fear there will be a whole lot more complaining than celebrating in the near future.  Hoping I’m wrong, but as the faithful SD readers are aware, I’m much more often right.


It’s a Hard Knock Life…For Us!


Big Top or big bottom?

Once again, the Jets management shows how their heads are absolutely not in the right place.  Woody Johnson, owner of the Jets stated today that if HBO asks the Jets to be on “Hard Knocks” again this year, he would strongly consider agreeing to do the show.  It illustrates everything that is wrong with this second-rate franchise that I unfortunately can’t help but root for.

A few days ago, the best player on the team, Darelle Revis came out and said the locker room is in complete disarray.  In order to fix this team from last year, our front office decided to bring in the most controversial (right or wrong) player in the game today, Tim Tebow.  Santonio Holmes, who the Jets need to keep on the roster because he will kill the Salary Cap if he is cut, has already said that if Sanchez struggles, he will be the first guy on the sideline to start chanting for Tebow.  The Jets have done very little in improving areas of need, such as running back, wide receiver, a pass rush or an offensive line.  But Woody wants to put the spot light back on our malcontents and big mouth coach?!?!?  Makes me feel rather sick!

What did “Hard Knocks” do for the Jets last time?  Did they gain exposure that they would not have received anyway if they just went out and played football and won?  Absolutely not.  It put a huge target on their backs and fired every other team up to come out and shut us up.  With a locker room that is obviously split, and will only get worse with the upcoming QB controversy the Jets traded into, does Woody think allowing the rest of the world to see into our locker room can possibly help win football games?

The answer has to be a resounding NO.  The Jets want to sell tickets, t-shirts and make the news and back pages of the Post.  They put all of these things in front of putting a winning product on the field.  If the Jets really want to expose their team of idiots to the rest of the NFL, then I can safely say Rex and Mike Tannenbaum’s days are numbered.  This team needs to shut up, draft smart, train hard and prepare for what is going to be a bumpy ride.  They need to look at the other team in the building, observe how the Giants do business, and take some notes and model themselves after a classy franchise that is actually in the business of winning football games.  Just when you think all of the members of the circus have arrived, the Jets always manage to add another ring.  Too bad it doesn’t appear that the ring will have anything to do with the Superbowl.