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On Scene at New York Jets Training Camp


A Jet with a brass head. Now if the active players can get some brass balls…

First I will start by giving a huge congratulations to the legendary Curtis Martin for his recent induction to the Football Hall of Fame.  Curtis, you were one of the greatest running backs ever and I was honored to watch you dominate as a New York Jet.  Now on to the current events.So, this weekend the Sports Debaters made the road-trip to Cortland, NY to take in the Green and White scrimmage at the New York Jets training facility.  A lot of events unfolded that definitely stirred up the locker room as well as the blogosphere.  Going into the scrimmage there was truly only two stories people cared about, Tim vs. Mark and Antonio Cromartie vs. the Jets receiving core.  After the scrimmage, those were still the prominent headlines but with a little tweak to each.


If it wasn’t for the fourth string fight, there would have been no energy at all!

I’ll start by saying that what the Jets call a scrimmage, I call a joke of touch football.  It seemed as if everyone on the team was lost and I was nearly falling asleep watching the same old shit play after play.  As a matter of fact, the most exciting action took place when two fourth string players got into a scuffle that resulted in the starters running on to the field to break it up.  When Mark Sanchez and the “starters” took the field, (I put starters in quotations because there are a lot of changes that need to be made), I was ready to see what the offensive mastermind Tony Sparano had in store for the fans.  It turned out that no one on the offense had any clue what to do and it was 3 and done over and over again.


Even Jesus couldn’t get anything out of Tebow

The crowd of roughly 7,000 roared optimistically when Tim Tebow came into the game.  Every time Tebow touched the ball I waited for him to make something happen and besides a couple of decent scramble’s for positive yardage he looked just as bad as Sanchez.  No one on the offense could do anything and I was ready to leave within 15 minutes of being there.  Thank God that Rex Ryan thought to put his fourth string players in, because that’s when the real action started.


First string and second string. Are the laces going to hold or do we need a 3rd and 4th string?

What was a two quarterback controversy has now been turned into a three-man battle.  The undrafted son of New York Giants great Phil Simms, Matt Simms, came in with the rest of the fourth stringers to close out what was a disgraceful scrimmage.  After an unsuccessful first drive, Matt came out for a second time and got a first down directly followed by a 31-yard touchdown bomb to fourth string receiver, Raymond Webber.  Matt Simms to Raymond Webber?  Those are two names I had to look up on my phone just to find out who they were.  The truth of the matter is that is the reason there is a training camp, for those players who haven’t been recognized to make a name for themselves and possibly earn a roster spot.  I honestly don’t care at all that Simms did this against fourth string players in a scrimmage game, because after watching Sanchez and Tebow for the past 3 years I can assure you that neither of them have ever thrown a strike like Simms did to Webber.


I lost a lot of weight. You expect me to make good football decisions now??

“All right, first off, obviously this quarterback controversy with Matt Simms — or was it Phil Simms?” said Jets Coach Rex Ryan. “That’s what you look for in some of the guys that are battling for a third spot. That’s exactly what you look for.”


Simms: An educated watcher is our best customer.

Well considering Greg “the rat” Mcelroy has never proved to be any better than a water bottle holder, I say give Simms a shot because it would be nice to have at least one quarterback who can throw the ball.


When you’re a Jet you are always a Jet from the first Jet you cripple to your own dying days…

The other hot topic going into the scrimmage was Antonio Cromartie and his ability to stick his foot so far in his mouth that it actually comes out of his ass.  After announcing to the world that he thought of himself as the #2 receiver on the Jets roster, the under-achieving CB Cromartie had a chance to shut down the Jets receiver’s and prove his point.  Roughly half way through the scrimmage, Sanchez found his favorite target Holmes, who is possibly the only person on the Jets more hated than Cro’, on a slant pattern to the sideline.  While Holmes tried to turn up the field he was met by Antonio and endured a viscous hit (in training camp terms).  The result of the collision was a damaged rib for Holmes and respect from the fans for Cromartie who smartly attacked the only player more hated than himself.  While Cromartie never got to show off his receiving skills he did make sure that there was one less receiver to compete with if he wanted to.


No camaraderie from Cromartie.

All in all this Jets training camp scrimmage was an absolute joke.  I do love that we can throw another Jets QB into the mix of media overload and now that Cromartie has taken out Holmes he should be the Jets new #1 receiver.  Stay tuned for the Sports Debaters New York Jets Beat Writer, Jeff Butler, for all of your up to date news and highlights throughout the rest of training camp and the entire football season.