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5 Lessons I Learned During Week 5

1.  Cam Newton is officially in a Sophomore Slump.  After a stellar Rookie year which lead to some NFL “experts” predicting an MVP type season, Newton has struggled out of the gate and has led the Panthers to a 1-4 start.  In last week’s game, Cam did literally nothing the entire game, but due to a Carolina defensive TD to open the second half, the Panthers found themselves on the 5 yard with a chance to win the game late in the fourth quarter.  With the score 16-10 on 4th and goal, the Panthers rolled Cam out to the right and had a wide open man in the end one for a game winning score.  Newton decided to throw a bounce pass at his target, channeling the great John Stockton.  Unfortunately, on a football field, the ball doesn’t bounce off the turf and even if it does, the referees will usually call it incomplete (unless they are replacement refs).  Cam, it’s time to quit the Superman act if you keep playing like Quailman.

2.  The NFC West is much better than we thought.  My Superbowl Champion pick from May, the San Francisco 49ers are coming off two dominating performances in which they outscored their opponents by 84.  The Arizona Cardinals are sporting a 4-1 record and look to have the defense to keep up the good play in the next few weeks.  The Seattle Seahawks at 3-2 have played reallly well as Pete Carroll has led his team to wins in Carolina, against the Packers and even their two loses were close games at both the Giants and Cowboys.  Rounding out the division is the 3-2 Rams, who have played much better under Jeff Fisher, as they are coming off a Thursday night victory in which they handed the Cardinals their first defeat of the year.  Two years ago, the NFC West was won by Seattle with a 7-9 overall record and NFL fans were calling it one of the worse divisions in history.  Obviously, all 4 teams have rebounded well in a very short period of time.

3.  Andrew Luck does not look like a Rookie.  One of the most surprising teams in the league thus far has been the Luck lead Indianapolis Colts, as they honored their Head Coach Chuck Pagano with a shocking win against the Green Bay Packers.  Pagano was diagnosed with a curable form of leukemia early last week and nobody would have blamed the Colts if they came out against the Packers slow.  Andrew Luck would not allow that to happen.  The overall #1 pick went toe to toe with the defending MVP Aaron Rodgers, and outlasted one of the best QBs in the game for a thrilling 30-27 win.  He went 31 for 55, throwing for 362 yards, 212 of them to Reggie Wayne.  He is quickly making Colts fans feel better about their divorce form the legendary Peyton Manning.  Luck brings the Colts into Met Life this week to face the Jets, in what will be a make of break game for both teams.  As a Jet fan, I’m not feeling overly confident.

4.  NFL Records are not nearly as big a deal as MLB records.  It was cool to see Drew Brees break Johnny Unitas’s record of consecutive games with a TD pass, but on the real, I had no idea the record was held by Unitas or what the number was.  There are a few NFL records that do stand out from the others, Emmit Smith’s all-time rushing record,  Rice’s insane amount of receiving feats, Favre’s consecutive games played, the 17-0 Miami Dolphins, but overall, football is not a sport built on these statitistics.  All sports fans know about Cal Ripkin’s streak, DiMaggio’s 56 game hitting streak, CY Young’s victories,   and the numerous HR records that have unfortunately been set by juicers in recent years.  Baseball is a game about numbers, football is game based on action and violence.  Not to take away from Brees’ accomplishment, it is truly impressive.  To me, it’s just really not as exciting as the media and NFL made it out to be. Hell, they even let Sean Peyton in the building to watch!

5.  It’s almost time to pull the plug on Michael Vick.  The athletic, talented dog killer has become a huge liability for the Philadelphia Eagles.  Vick seems to be allergic to the football lately.  He has fumbled the ball 8 times, losing 5 of them in the early season.  The Eagles are a very lucky 3-2 and could easily be 0-5 due to Vick’s carelessness.  With his 5 lost fumbles, Vick has also thrown 6 picks to lead the league with 11 turnovers (thats even more than Sanchez!)  With all the weapons Vick has in Philladelphia, he needs to get the ball out of his hands and let his playmakers like Lesean McCoy, Desean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin make plays for him.  I don’t think it’s time yet to make a move, but Andy Reid’s job is on the line and if he doesn’t at least alter his game plan to hide Vick’s flaws a little bit more, Reid will find himself on the unemployment line at the end of the season.

A Lot of Pressure For a Rookie

You’re damn tootin’ we like Cam Newton!

The NFL regular season is around the corner and teams are getting their rosters in order.  It is never easy to succeed as a rookie in the NFL and it is even harder to do so as a Quarterback.  Last season was proof that you really can rebuild a team around a rookie QB, as was evident with how Cam Newton took the football world by storm and brought the Carolina Panthers back to relevancy.  As of noon this morning, 4 different teams have announced that they will be starting a rookie quarterback during week 1 of the NFL season.  Andrew Luck (Colts), Robert Griffin III (Redskins), Brandon Weeden (Browns), and most recently Ryan Tannehill (Dolphins) were all named opening day starters for their respective teams and all the pressures of the NFL world have been placed on their shoulders.  A fifth rookie, Russell Wilson (Seahawks), is slated to start for the first time in Seattle’s third preseason game, but I feel that when the regular season roles around, the Seahawks Free Agent pickup, Matt Flynn, will be their starter.  In this article, I will break down how each of the 4 starting rookies will pan out over their freshman season.

and as Luck would have it, a rookie is Manning the QB spot for Indie

Andrew Luck:

Never has the expression “big shoes to fill,” rang more true than it does for Andrew Luck and the man he is replacing.  Former Indianapolis QB, Peyton Manning, is one of the best of all time and now Luck has the unfortunate privilege of following his legacy.  Luck was drafted as the number 1 overall pick of the NFL draft and is off to a sizzling start to his first ever preseason.  Just 2 games into the preseason and Luck already has a couple of passing touchdowns along with a rushing TD which definitely is not his forte.  If you’re counting, that’s 3 more touchdowns than the entire Jets team this preseason.  While he has already been picked off twice, the poise and comfort he shows on the field has been impressing everyone.  With the former Stanford star player so well in preseason and at training camp, NFL analysts are picking his beneficiaries in the receiver positions as some of the better fantasy options for the new season.  With Reggie Wayne looking healthy and determined to prove he can succeed without Peyton and Austin Collie trying to make the 2012-13 season a healthy and improved one, Luck has options to help him along the way.  Andrew’s former college teammate, Tight End Coby Fleener, was also drafted by the Colts and is looking like he can be a formidable option for Luck to build stats off of.  Luck’s got the size, skills and fortitude to succeed right away in this league and I think he will do just that.

Predicted Stats:  28 Touchdowns, 12 Interceptions, 3,600 Passing Yards

So if III can put a lot between the II, the Redskins could be number I

Robert Griffin III:

Unlike Luck, RG3 doesn’t have a predecessor that is even worth mentioning.  What Griffin does have though is the comparison of last season’s break out rookie sensation Cam Newton weighing down on him.  I have said from the get go that while Luck is without question the better prototypical QB between him and Griffin, I feel that RG3 will lead his team to more wins this season.  RG3 not only won a Heisman Trophy with Baylor, he absolutely demolished all of their school’s records with his ridiculous athleticism.  While Griffin is significantly faster than Newton, his lack of size can cause him some trouble at the professional level.  The Washington Redskins coach, Mike Shanahan, seems to have the perfect offense for RG3 to excel in and since Griffin has a better arm than Newton does, expectations coming into this rookie campaign are uncomfortably high.  Griffin has 3 great targets for him to choose from with veteran Santana Moss, free agent acquisition Pierre Garcon, and feisty Tight End Chris Cooley spreading the field.  Since Shanahan still hasn’t confirmed who will be the staring tailback for the Skins this year, it’s feasible to think the RG3 can lead his team in rushing for the season.  Having said that, I am a huge fan of Running Back Roy Helu, and I feel that this could be a breakout season for the second year man out of Nebraska.  I think Luck will win rookie of the year but I don’t think he will run away with it because Griffin is going to have a brilliant freshman campaign as well.

 Predicted Stats:  16 Passing Touchdowns, 10 Rushing Touchdowns, 14 Interceptions, 2,300 Passing Yards, 600 Rushing Yards

Browns’ gardening plans for this season: Weeden out the bad to focus on the good.

Brandon Weeden:

Weeden is probably the least known of the 4 quarterbacks I am talking about today but that doesn’t make him the worst…although in this case it’s arguable.  I say that with respect because all four of these rookies are going to have above average season’s for newbies.  Brandon is replacing Colt McCoy who just never really got his game to the level that we all expected him too.  Weeden is taking over a team that has been in the gutter for most of their existence, so he is probably entering the season with the least pressure out of all the rookie QB’s.  Weeden does have the luxury of being the second most important rookie on his team since the #3 overall pick, Trent Richardson, will be where all eyes are looking for the beginning of the season.  Richardson will be Weeden’s get out of jail free card because all of the teams failures will most likely be pointed at Trent rather than Brandon.  The Cleveland Browns have one of the worst Offensive lines in the NFL and Weeden will be under constant pressure.  Richardson has great hands and since there really isn’t a quality receiving option other that Greg Little on the Browns, you can expect Trent to be Weeden’s go to guy.  Unlike Luck and Griffin, Weeden will be replaced if he doesn’t show signs of progression early on in the season.  McCoy remains on the team and will be the Browns starting QB if Weeden doesn’t find a way to make his offense work.  If veteran Tight End, Benjamin Watson, can remain healthy throughout the year then he can help Brandon stack up yards on short plays over the middle.  The Browns are going to be terrible once again but I feel Brandon Weeden will show signs of a quality QB in the making.

Predicted Stats:  18 Touchdowns, 13 Interceptions, 2,800 Passing Yards

Can Dolphins swim up (Tanne)hill with their rookie?


Ryan Tannehill:

With Matt Moore playing absolutely awful last season, the door was open for Ryan Tannehill to take over the QB role for the Fins.  The Miami Dolphins have never started a rookie QB in week 1, but their new coach, Joe Philbin, thinks Tannehill is the man to break that streak.  Not even Dan Marino or Bob Griese had to deal with those pressures, but the 6’4″ gunner out of Texas A&M is ready for the rodeo.  Tannehill is the first Dolphin QB drafted in the opening round since they drafted Marino in 1983.  Since 83′, the Dolphins have started more QB’s than any other team in the NFL (17).  While Ryan is working with one of the better Offensive lines the NFL has to offer, he is without a real quality receiving option which will make his rookie campaign a tough one.  It doesn’t help Tannehill that he plays in the AFC East where there are 3 of the better defenses coming at him 6 times a season.  I think that Tannehill will have a favorite target in Anthony Fasano and the two of them will connect as one of the better QB-TE combinations in the league.  While Reggie Bush is an amazing athlete in the backfield, his blocking is extremely below par and could cause Tannehill to taste a lot of dirt throughout the season.  Miami will not be a winning team this season but I think that starting Tannehill behind center is a good step in the right direction.

Predicted Stats:  16 Touchdowns, 11 Interceptions, 2,900 Passing Yards

Even though I feel that all four of these rookies will become successful QB’s in the NFL, I do not feel that any of them will lead their respective teams to the playoffs this season.  I love to watch rookies play in the spotlight and I will be following these four young guns throughout the year.

Offense on the Defensive


I’m just throwing this so the defense has something to chase.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Alex Smith, has made it abundantly clear that he does not believe offense wins games.  Not really what you want to hear from the leader of your offense.  In a recent interview, Smith said that he does not think big stats equate to wins…well they don’t really hurt either.

“I could absolutely care less on yards per game,” Smith told a group of reporters. “I think that is a totally overblown stat because if you’re losing games in the second half, guess what, you’re like the Carolina Panthers and you’re going no-huddle the entire second half. Yeah, Cam Newton threw for a lot of 300-yard games. That’s great. You’re not winning, though.”


Don’t slam Cam the man or I’ll Beason sticky on your ass.

After hearing this comment about his quarterback, Carolina Panthers Linebacker Jon Beason tweeted,  “Alex smith, don’t hate on Cam (because) your stats would’ve gotten u cut if Peyton decided to come 2 San Fran. Truth b told. That’s after a 13-3 yr.”

I found this to be one of the funniest things I have ever heard.  The sad part is that it is painfully true.  Alex Smith led his 49ers to win the NFC West and make it all the way to the NFC Championship game where they eventually lost to the Superbowl champion New York Giants.  San Fran was one of the many teams that went after the coveted free agent Peyton Manning.  There is a lot of validity to what Smith is saying about stats being over hyped, but demeaning what Cam Newton did for last year’s Carolina Panthers was an unnecessary low blow.


Win or lose, it’s the winners that count.

Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Matthew Stafford, Eli Manning and Aaron Rodgers were the top 5 QB’s in passing yards this past season.  All five of them made the playoffs and had successful seasons.  Eli even went on to lead his team to win the Superbowl and was given the MVP award for the game.  I am a strong believer that defense wins games in the long run, but it is impossible to win it all without a fundamentally sound offense.  I honestly think that if Cam Newton and his offense had the defense supporting him that Alex Smith had this past season, then Cam would have been lifting that trophy instead of Eli.  I might be a little biased based on the fact that Cam Newton absolutely killed it for my fantasy team this past year, but Alex Smith should just keep his mouth shut and let his defense keep winning games for him.

In this past season, Alex Smith had less passing yards than QB duds like Mark Sanchez and Rex Grossman.  Smith was 27th in the league in yards per game, with less than 200, and he threw for a dismal 17 total touchdowns.  Maybe Smith should start caring a little more about stats because he will find himself riding the bench soon enough with those numbers.  Winning your division is great and a 13-3 record is nothing to laugh at, but whether you finish last in the league or you lose in the Superbowl the end result is the same.