Talking sports while everyone else talks s#*%. Don't be haters, be Debaters!

Who Are These Brilliant Minds?

We started this site because after carefully reflecting on our lives, we decided that sports is just that…our lives.  If we’re not watching sports or playing sports, we are probably debating sports.  We thought, lets open up this great activity with the rest of the world.  We might not know more about sports than you, but we think we do…and we’re willing to debate it.

Matthew Tood Erich and Robert York

MatthewToddErich & NYBobby


Favorite Teams:  Knicks, Mets, Jets

Favorite All-Time Athlete:  Patrick Ewing

Best Sports Memory:  Alan Houston’s game winning shot against the Heat in the ’99 playoffs.




Favorite Teams:Yankees, Jets, Rangers

Favorite All-Time Athlete: Mariano Rivera

Best Sports Memory:  Rangers winning the cup in ’94.

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