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Adrian Peterson: Delusions of Grandeur


I’m King of the World!
Hey – is that an iceberg?

Growing up, most kids are told to shoot for the stars and that any goal they put their mind too they can accomplish.  But what adults don’t tell you is that there is such a thing as an unrealistic goal.  The best player in the NFL, Adrian Peterson, has just set the most unrealistic goal I have ever heard.  AP is coming off the greatest comeback season in Pro Sports history and he might be letting it get into his head just a little…OK a lot.  Yesterday, Peterson made a statement that has the NFL world buzzing as he proclaimed he will not only break Emmitt Smith’s all-time rushing record, but he set a date for him to do so.  Adrian said that he will break Smith’s record on week 16 of the 2017 season.  Not only is this goal unrealistic, it is absolutely absurd.


You heard me. Come down here and we’ll just see who’s God.

Let’s start with his opening statements; Adrian finished just 9 rushing yards shy of breaking Eric Dickerson’s single-season record mark of 2,106.  Peterson first went on to say that he will not only break that mark this year but he will finish with 2,500 yards.  Are you f-en kidding me?  For all of you non-math whizzes out there, that means Adrian would not only have to play in all 16 games in this upcoming season but he would have to average 156.25 yards a game.  To put that in perspective for all of you, AP led the NFL in yards/per game last season with 131.1.  The next closest RB to him on that list was my boy Alfred Morris who only averaged 100.8/per game.  I can guarantee to everyone out there that AP has absolutely NO CHANCE of hitting the 2,500 mark in one season.  It would be nice, but it’s not going to happen.


Pushin’s the only way to do it. Now pull me the f^#%$ out of here!

We shouldn’t forget that Peterson had just come back from a torn ACL and MCL before last season and what he accomplished after that was nothing short of a miracle.  I am a huge fan of watching AP play and I will definitely love to see him hit these marks he has set but there is no shot in hell of that happening.  For Adrian to break Emmitt’s record by the 16th week of the 2017 season he will have to average an unobtainable 121 yards/per game for 79 straight games.  After making this ludicrous proclamation, Peterson went on to tell the Star-Tribune:

“Whoo. That’s pushing it, huh? But hey, pushing it is the only way to do it. You know it,”


Screw Emmitt. I’ll dance a Tango in my bare feet with a linebacker on my shoulders.

It sounds like he is motivated and pumped to get to this mark, but I see it more as Peterson having major delusions of grandeur.  There is no question that he is the best Running Back the game has to offer and there isn’t even a close second, but for him to think he can actually accomplish the goals he has set forth is nothing short of crazy stupidity.  AP is 28 years old and has already gone through a surgery that most people wouldn’t even be able to recover from.    AP has played 6 full seasons and he isn’t even halfway to the Dancing with the Star’s season 3 Champions mark.  (Yeah that’s right, Emmitt Smith won season 3 of Dancing with the Stars)  Adrian Peterson must be out of his damn mind if he actually believes what he said to be true.


Number one? Sheeeet. I’m better than that! I’m number ZERO!!

Dear Adrian Peterson,

While I would love for all of your statements to come true, I now fear for your health because you just put a giant target on your back for every defensive player in the NFL to aim for.  I understand that you have the second worst QB in the NFL, behind Mark Suckchez of course, and you will probably be getting the most carries in the NFL this year, but that only means that these gigantic defensive players are going to have more opportunities to make you eat your words.  I wish you luck, but I think you might have just stalled what could have been one of the best Running Back careers ever.

Yours Truly,

Sports Debaters


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