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David Cone Drops an F Bomb on a Sunday!


Incase you missed the biggest hit from the weekend in Major League Baseball, it came from the bat of “Big Papi” David Ortiz in Baltimore on Saturday.  However, his bat never came close to touching the actual baseball.  After calling timeout and stepping away from the plate, the pitcher threw a high pitch as Papi was out of the box and the umpire called it a strike.  In fairness to Ortiz, the ball was at eye level and should have never been called strike  one, but the umpire felt like Ortiz was showing him up by stepping out and punished him with a bad call.  Two pitches later, Ortiz struck out, used what I’d imagine was profane language, got ejected and threw a temper tantrum.  The worse of his actions was when he took his bat and beat the hell out of the dugout phone, sending it into pieces all over the dugout.

On yesterday’s Yankee broadcast, announcers Michael Kay and David Cone showed the highlights of Ortiz’s antics.  Kay described it using his normal play-by-play style, and then David Cone provided the color analysis.  Now as a big David Cone fan over the year, he usually seemed to carry himself with a calm demeanor.  He definitely has a lot of personality, hence he has a pretty good gig on the YES network, though his true colors came out yesterday upon his analysis of Ortiz beating the phone.  Because David Cone said he had no problem with Ortiz’s reaction, I’m assuming he really just loves phone!

Watch the video below and let me know what you think:

One response

  1. Big Slop is one of the biggest phonies in Baseball. He is a cry baby when he does not get his way. I would love to see the list of 150 PED Users, because I guarantee he is on it. EDB

    July 29, 2013 at 11:01 PM

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