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More Disgraceful Than Saban

trippingAfter reading NYBobby’s article about that scumbag Nick Saban I had no idea that another coach would out do Saban’s douchebaggery.  When I woke up this morning I stumbled upon an article about a Canadian Youth Hockey coach who got sentenced to 2 weeks in jail for assaulting a 13 and a 10 year old hockey player.  Yes you read that correctly, a grown man who is supposed to be shaping our youth through positive athletic programs ASSAULTED two boys that only Jerry Sandusky would have been willing to lay his hands on.

sanduskyThe Vancouver pee wee hockey coach, 48-year old Martin Tremblay, was clearly upset with his opponents and he decided to take that anger out during the post-game handshakes as he stuck his foot out and took down two kids at once.  The most astonishing part about Martin’s assault was the fact that his team actually won the game.  Here is the video of this horrendous act taking place.

tremblayIf you laughed at that video it was probably because of the reaction of the man filming it or because you are a sadistic SOB who enjoys watching kids get hurt.  This ‘trip heard around the world’ occurred last summer but Trembley’s sentence was given this morning.  I find it hilarious that this confused Canadian will have to explain to his cellmates that the reason he is incarcerated was due to him tripping two children.  It doesn’t seem like that will give him too much street cred.

hockey stickThe Judge of Trembley’s trial, Patrick Chen, went on to say “The tripping of the boys was akin to a cowardly sucker punch on an unsuspecting victim.”  I’d agree with that but the fact that it was an adult assaulting a 10 and 13 year old makes it even worse.  If I saw this move at the end of an NHL game I would be thrilled because the player who got tripped would stand up and fight back.  There is never a reason that an adult should lay their hands on a kid and the fact that this adult was in a mentor type position takes it to a whole other level.  I do not agree with the punishment of 2 weeks in jail.

I feel that instead of 15 days in jail, Trembley’s punishment should 1 week in jail but the whole time he is locked up he needs to wear a shirt that reads “I touched little boys.”  Then on the day he is released I think the 10 and 13 year old boys that were tripped should get one free shot with their hockey sticks to hit Tremblay anywhere they want.  To me, that would be a sufficient punishment.  All of that being said, Martin Tremblay is a HUGE piece of trash and he never deserves to be within 5-feet of any kid under the age of 18 ever again.

Nick Saban is coming to town: Hide the kids!

Nick Saban is a creep.  The Alabama coach who has won back to back National Championships  and four overall has always been known for being a douche bag.  He left LSU in the middle of the night, took a job with the Dolphins, bailed on them after a crappy couple of years and has now rebuilt a winning program at LSU’s biggest rival.  However, offering scholarships and actively recruiting middle school children is the most offensive act he has every participated in.

Dylan Moses is an 8th grader from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Apparently Moses stands at 6’1 and 215 pounds, which means he looks more like a man than most of my grown up friends.  However, the 13 year old running back is still just that, 13 years old!  Dylan hasn’t spent a day in high school yet.  He isn’t allowed to drive for another three years.  None of these things matter to Nick Saban because he has already offered Moses a full ride to Alabama 4 years prior to his high school graduation.

I guess Nick Saban has been channeling his inner Jerry Sandusky by watching tape of and sweet talking prepubescent football players.  In a few years, I expect to see him hiding behind a bush of a Texas area elementary school, spying on the 2nd grade recess pick-up game looking for the next Greg McElroy.  Had Moses been jewish I guess we would have expected Saban to light a candle during the lighting ceremony.

In a day and age where the sports world has become tarnished in every which way, it is rare for me to find a story with any shock value.  Since the beginning of this calendar year we’ve had legendary steroid and PED scandals, catfish scandals, olympic athlete murder scandals and now Saban has added to the insanity.  I’m pretty sure that in the next few days we will learn the Dylan Moses has been taking some form of steroids, probably Deer Antler spray which seems to be a popular choice among the Crimson Tide.  I mean, who has ever met a 13 year old who was 6’1 and 215 pounds?  Let’s just hope that Saban doesn’t shower with Moses or that the kid doesn’t invent a girlfriend who doesn’t actually exist.  Both of these scenarios would have been out of the realm of possibility as recently as three years ago, but hell, this is 2013 and anything can happen these days.

Dylan Moses should have been allowed to go through high school as a normal student.  Now that the has been offered a full ride to attend the best football school in the country, he has an automatic target on his back.  He’ll have a hard time making friends because people will only want to get close to him for his money.  He can’t possibly have a real relationship because ever girl he’ll be with will be trying to trick him into knocking them up, looking for that child support.  He’ll be walking around town with the biggest ego in the world but at the same time will go through his teenage years living a lonely existence.

Nick Saban did a huge disservice to Dylan Moses and he needs to be banned from all elementary and middle schools for the rest of his career.