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Did That Really Happen?

On April 18th, the NFL announced it’s 2012 Regular Season schedule and Jets fans immediately cringed.  They placed our New York Jets in a Thanksgiving homegame with the New England Patriots.  I immediately wrote the article, which I stated my displeasure that the Jets would have to embarass themselves on National Television, ruining my favorite holiday.  Now I have made a lot of predictions on this website, many of them have been correct (hell, I called the Kentucky Derby winner “I’ll have Another” and I took the Sports Debater March Madness Pool)…but my prediction in the above article was the most spot-on article I have written since Sports Debaters has been up and running, proving this Jets debacle was easy to see all the way back in the Spring!

Jets fans, there’s really nothing I can say to put a positive spin on what we witnessed Thursday night.  After a great evening of stuffing myself stupid, I cut off a fat slice of chocolate pudding pie, settled in front of the TV and got ready for some “playoff intensity” AFC East football.  I must have been drinking the Rex Ryan kool-aid, because for some god damn reason, I thought the Jets might be competitive.  They were playing for their lives on National TV in front of their home fans against their biggest rival…seemed like the kind of game that our beloved Jets might actually compete in.   Holy shit, was I wrong!

It’s all pretty much a blur to be honest.  I remember Sanchez running into Brandon Moore’s ass, I recall Shonn Greene handing the ball to the Patriots on a failed 4th down attempt and I vaguely remember Joe McKnight fumbling the ball in the waiting arms of Julian Edeleman, who caught the ball in stride for a New England Touchdown.  At this point, I believe I doubled my alocohol intake from the previous 6 hours, found a quiet room in my house and began laughing.  After a good 10 minutes, my laughs turned into a soft whimpering which lead to feelings of self-pity and guilt.

It’s time to blow this team up.  The first to go must be Mike Tannenbaum.  Your personnel decisions have made this team weaker and weaker every single year you have been here.  You have cut or failed to resign veteran leaders each offseason and left our locker room with nothing but malcontents.  Rex Ryan, I am tired of your act.  Just for fun, I tuned into your press conference after the game and listened to your bullshit again…”We are going to continue fighting”….”Mark Sanchez gives us the best chance to win”…”This is the most talented team I’ve ever had”….your act was cool for a little bit, but now it’s quite transparent that you don’t know what to do to save this sinking ship.  Bart Scott, you might be the slowest linebacker in the game today and if you retired today it wouldn’t be soon enough for me.  Mark Sanchez, I feel bad for you in a way but come on man, you forgot the play, decided to take off and run with the ball, colided with your teammate’s fat ass, fell down, fumbled and gave up a TD.  It was the most comical play any of us have ever seen and it sums up your season and basically your Jets career perfectly.  Breaking up is always hard, but it’s time for us all to go our seperate ways.

As for me, I am feeling many of the same emotions that all Jets fans are today.  Disgusted we had to witness that massacre, happy that it’s over, relieved we don’t have to see the Jets again for another 9 days, apathetic about the rest of the NFL season, jealous of all NFL fans whose teams don’t disappoint them week after week and really pissed off that for some god damn reason we couldn’t have been raised as New York Giants fan.  However, the main emotion I am feeling is overwhelming joy that I am not longer a season ticket holder, as being as Thursday night’s game would have lead me to do really bad, unmentionable things that I could probably get into a lot of trouble for writing…use your imaginations….


2 responses

  1. jb0149

    Nothing worse than being a fan of this team. I’m beginning to wonder what exactly I’m a fan of. I don’t like them. Not just that they suck, but how they suck. I don’t even care anymore. I think I may have to break up too. Probably wait till the season is over so it doesn’t look so bad. Gotta find a new team too.

    November 24, 2012 at 3:54 PM

    • Like you said in your article, I’ll follow Rex down to NOLA and root on the Saints…#whodatnationnewestmembers

      November 24, 2012 at 4:57 PM

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