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Last Minute Emergency Lineup Changes: Week 3

Here are our fantasy predictions for football. I mean our football fantasy predictions. You know – make-believe guesses about make-believe teams.

Welcome back for the third installment of “Last Minute Emergency Lineup Changes.”  Through the first two weeks, we have seen some of our predictions blossom into lineup mainstays as well as some predictions completely busting and making us look foolish.  Every team in the league seems to have something to prove this week as 20 of the 32 teams have a 1-1 record and have a make or break game in week 3.  This means that there are going to have to be some players who might not have shined thus far that need to step up and make a difference.  We are going to do our best to predict who those shining stars will be.


Steven Hill:  Sunday 1:00 PM EST

Making a mountain out of this Hill.

It was bound to happen people! I went the first two weeks and didn’t pick any Jets to be over performing sleepers, but this week I truly feel that it is warranted.  While week 2 for the Jets looked like the offense most people predicted they will have throughout the year, I feel that there is a lot more of what they portrayed in week 1 waiting to be unveiled.  One of the surprising contributors to the Jets week 1 outburst was the impressive play of Hill.  While he was labeled as an inexperienced buttery fingers rookie, Hill proved that he was able to hold on to pretty much anything thrown his way.  The only problem with his big week 2 doughnut was that he never got the ball passed to him.  As a matter of fact, Sanchez had a hard time throwing to anyone.  Luckily for Hill and Sanchez, they are going up against the crappy Miami Dolphins and both of them should put up similar numbers to week 1.  While I don’t think Hill will have the same 100 yards and 2 touchdowns, I do feel that he will benefit from Dustin Keller missing yet another game.

Predictions for week 3:  7 receptions for 90 yards and a touchdown

Buffalo Bills Defense:  Sunday 1:00 PM EST

We have bills to pay, so watch out! Hey, we ARE Bills to pay!

After an underwhelming week 1 debacle against my New York Jets, the Bills got their shit together and showed the world that they won’t roll over this season.  Buffalo laid the smack down on the Kansas City Chiefs in week 2 and one of the main reasons for their success was their highly coveted defense.  The great news for Buffalo is that they get to have their encore against the lowly Cleveland Browns.  Now this will be a reoccurring theme for my predictions; as long as Cleveland remains an abysmal team, I will always suggest starting their opposing defenses.  If you don’t have a strong commitment to your defense on your current roster, like myself, Buffalo is available in a majority of the leagues and is a must start against the hapless Browns.  I am expecting a huge game from the Bills defensive line and I think this will be Baby Mario’s break out game.  I feel bad for Brandon Weeden because I feel that he will be spending more time on the ground than a legless whore.  The Bills defense is going to have their way with Weeden and the rest of the Browns offense.

Predictions for week 3:  3 interceptions, 1 fumble recovery, 5 sacks and 1 defensive touchdown

Jon Baldwin:  Sunday 1:00 PM EST

Baldwin will shine like the luster of ice on a cold turd; the only bright spot in a pile of …

In the only battle of the week between 0-2 teams, we are sure to see some ugly play.  Surprisingly, the two 0-2 teams that are playing each other were both predicted to be better than their respective records are indicating.  Both the Saints and Chiefs have shown how weak their defenses are, which means a lot of fantasy points are up for grabs in this battle for the worst record in the NFL.  While I think that the Saints will come out of this matchup victorious, I think that Jon Baldwin will be the breakout star of the game.  The Saints have proven to have no respectable secondary to stop any pass attack from their opponents so I think this will be the perfect game for the sophomore to have his breakout NFL game.  With only 3 catches for 62 yards this season, Baldwin is available in more than 75% of ESPN fantasy leagues.  Matt Cassel is a very solid QB and usually puts up good yardage.  Against the Saints and their pathetic defense, Cassel will look a hell of a lot better and will find a reliable friend in Baldwin.  I am predicting that this will be the best game of Baldwin’s young career.

Predictions for week 3:  8 receptions for 105 yards and a touchdown

Jason Avant:  Sunday 4:05 PM EST

Avant to be alone … in the middle of the field … catching balls!

One of the best matchups of the week is between the 2-0 Philadelphia Eagles and the 2-0 Arizona Cardinals.  The Eagles are a surprising 2-0 after having to perform an amazing escape act for both of their victories.  The Cardinals reached their fast start with a huge week 2 upset against the NFL favorite New England Patriots.  While the Eagles were picked to have a decent year that could land them as one of the wildcard teams in the NFC, the Cardinals were not expected to do much with a new starting QB, Skelton, and a pretty weak overall offense.  Regardless of the preseason predictions, these two teams are 2-0 and are playing for the best record in the league.  I feel that the Eagles will come out of this game victorious and I think Michael Vick will be the reason why.  Two of Vick’s favorite targets, Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper, are both out with injury.  That leaves a lot of pressure on the star receiver DeSean Jackson.  Jason Avant has been moved to the #2 receiver on the Eagles for the week and I expect him to capitalize on the constant double teams that Jackson will be drawing for the entire game.  Avant is quick and has good hands and I am expecting him to have a big game this week in Arizona.

Predictions for week 3:  7 receptions for 120 yards and a touchdown

Isaac Redman:  Sunday 4:25 PM EST

The running Redman – I expect to see a lot of this.

Now I know a lot of people got angry at Redman during week 1 when ESPN predicted he would put up 15 fantasy points and he came out of the game with a pathetic 1, but I truly feel that this will be Redman’s week.  With the Steelers starting running back, Rashad Mendenhall, still out with an injury, the carries will be split between Redman and Jon Dwyer.  Dwyer has gotten most of the carries in the first two weeks but after being shaken up with the all too familiar turf toe, Redman is looking like the go to guy in this game.  Add that with the fact that the Steelers are playing the God awful Oakland Raiders and their extremely permeable defense, Redman is poised to come up big in this game.  Not only do I think Redman will get a lot of carries, but I think he will be a good option for Roethlisberger if he ever gets pressured by Oakland.  Even though this is only week 3, I feel this is a must win game for Pittsburgh because they really want to avoid a 1-2 record.  While the Steelers are a primarily pass first offense, I think this is a week where they will mix it up and depend on the running game a little more.

Predictions for week 3:  16 carries for 100 yards and a touchdown, 5 receptions for 50 yards

Here is our free advice for you to take now and thank us later.  We will be posting 5 players every week who we feel will make a significant impact for that week.  If you agree or not with our predictions let us know.  If you take our advice and are successful because of it congratulations and tell your friends.

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