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Mama Said Knock You Out

I’m not clowning around, and I’m not lion. The media thinks we’re a circus and I’m not gonna jump through hoops for them any more!

Nothing gives me more pleasure then when an athlete or celebrity of any sort has an altercation with a member of the media.  I especially love situations like this when a member of a team I support is involved.  This morning, Jets linebacker, and media favorite, Bart Scott, got into a heated and almost physical argument with Dan Leberfeld of Jets Confidential magazine.  Bart Scott is not one to shy away from the media for anything, but this season he has taken a different approach as he has decided to boycott the media since week 1 of the NFL season because he said he was angry at reporters for portraying the Jets as a “circus.”

Strangers in the night, exchanging rants and it turned out so right, for strangers in the night.

Before Scott’s boycott started, he found himself at the front of a lot of media related stories, both good and bad.  Everyone can remember the jovial, yet somewhat angry interview Scott had with ESPN reporter, Sal Palantonio, after the huge win over the New England Patriots, to advance to the AFC championship.  “I can’t wait!.”  Here’s a short video that I thought a was funny mash-up of that interview, which also shows the intensity that Scott plays with on a nightly basis.

Scott has never been a player to bite his tongue.  This was one of the reasons that he almost got into a rumble with Dan Leberfeld.  While speaking off the record to reporter Jane McManus of, Leberfeld walked by and tried to take a picture of Scott with his phone.  The sole purpose of the photo was for Leberfeld to use on his Jets website in a story he was writing about Scott’s media boycott.  Supposedly this same thing had happened on Wednesday and it resulted in the reporter, that Scott was actually talking to, getting upset.  Scott’s reaction to Friday’s attempted picture might have been a little of an overreaction, but I loved every second of it.

It’s a matter of professional pride. And he was mean to me!

As Leberfeld tried to take the picture, Scott asked him why he was taking another picture after he already got one on Wednesday.  Dan responded by telling Scott that he was taking the picture because he wanted to.  Scott then went on to tell Dan to “get a life.”  In a mature fashion, Dan told Scott to “get a life.”  After only those few childish schoolyard comments, Scott had to be restrained by a Jets media relations worker.  Scott hollered, “I’ll kick the shit out of you,” and Dan followed that remark by threatening to sue Scott.  Scott then added an emphatic, “I DON’T CARE!”

I know you are, but what am I?

“I don’t think a player would be that stupid,” Leberfeld said. “A player would be suspended or have legal issues, so I don’t think a player would ever do that.”  Leberfeld has been working for the Jets for 18 years now and clearly he hasn’t learned a thing.  If he paid attention to anything, he would know that Scott is not one to be messed with.  I think it would be a great fight, the 32-year-old 240 lb 6’2 linebacker vs. any sports reporter.  If I was Scott I would have wanted to hit that smug SOB also because of his antagonizing remark.  “Because I want to;” I feel like that reply definitely warrants a punch to the face.  And then he followed it with a threat to sue Scott.  If I was the Jets organization, I would fire Leberfeld for being such a little bitch.

Shortly after his altercation with Scott, Leberfeld was asked to be on the Mike Francesa radio show to explain what went on.  It really seems like Dan is the type of person to stir things like this up just to get his own name out there.  Here is the link to the interview with Mike Francesa;  Now I don’t want to see Scott get sued or suspended so I’m glad that he didn’t hit him, but I ask that if anyone ever sees Leberfeld in a dark alley, that they give him what he is owed for being such an arrogant prick.


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  1. Chris

    Love the video mash……

    September 22, 2012 at 11:17 AM

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