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Man the F*** up!!!

Oh, we DID give them something to cry about! Never mind.

One week after Baby Mario cried to the world about how the Jets Austin Howard was “illegally” hitting him in the face (, the New York Giants took it a step further with the babyish complaining and made it a collective team effort.  In Sunday’s thrilling battle between the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the two teams spent 60 minutes exchanging blows.  They literally did not stop until the very last second.  With seconds remaining, Eli Manning took the snap for what was supposed to be an easy kneel down to run out clock.  Little did he know that the former Rutgers head coach and current Buccaneers head coach, Greg Schiano, instructed his team to play every snap out until the final whistle has blown.  This is where the controversy happened because as Manning hiked the snap and went to take his knee, the entire Bucs defense dove low against the Giants O-Line and tried to force a turnover.  While the Giants held onto the ball and closed out an exhilarating victory, 41-34, Eli took a less than graceful fall on the final defensive play of the game that made the entire Giants team irate.

Hey! Your guys were mean! I’m telling on you! Just as soon as the front of my pants dry.

Once the game concluded, both coaches ran to the center of the field where they were supposed to meet, shake hands, and be on their merry way.  Instead, Giants coach Tom Coughlin shouted at his counterpart and expressed his ill feelings towards him.  Both teams got into each other’s faces and began to push and shove.  All of this jibber-jabbering led to an angry Coughlin during the post-game interviews.  “I don’t think you do that at this level,” Coughlin said after the game. “You don’t do that in this league. You don’t jeopardize the offensive line, you [don’t] jeopardize the quarterback. Thank goodness we didn’t get anybody hurt, that I know of, a couple of linemen were late coming in [after end of game].”  Even Eli had something to say about the controversial defensive play.  “That was a first,” Manning said. “Obviously I think it is a little bit of a cheap shot. Going down, we are taking a knee, in a friendly way. They are firing off, and it’s a way to get someone hurt.”  You know what else is an easy way to get someone hurt Eli?…playing football!

So I’m like “No wayyyy” and they’re like “Oh yeah!” and then I’m like “That’s really not nice!” and then they’re like “Eat me” and then…

To me, it’s fine when you don’t agree with another teams tactics, but the way Tom Coughlin and his team are reacting is extremely childish.  Mommy, mommy, he pushed me…ooooo I’m telling!  The icing on the cake was when tough guy, Justin Tuck, addressed the media and gave his two cents.  “I am trying to be politically (correct),” Tuck said. “I thought it was a classless play. That is how you get guys hurt. I have been in this league for eight years and that is the first time that I’ve ever seen that. There have been guys that’s been in here a lot longer than I have and that is the first time they have seen it.”  I don’t know if I would use the word “classless,” Justin, I mean you might not agree with the play but they didn’t do anything illegal.

MOMMY! They hurted me!

Listen, I understand that Schiano’s play is a little bush league, but this is the NFL and I agree that you have to fight every play until the final whistle.  Isn’t that what all of our high school sports coaches taught us growing up.  It’s not like they were wearing brass knuckles and started throwing punches.  They were literally trying to force a turnover on the final play of a tight game and were unsuccessful.  The Bucs did not do anything illegal and they certainly didn’t do anything maliciously.  Greg Schiano defended his strategy after the game.    “I don’t know if that’s not something that’s not done in the National Football League, but what I do with our football team is we fight until they tell us game over,” Schiano said. “There’s nothing dirty about it and there’s nothing illegal about it.”  Schiano went on to say how he used to do that play all the time with Rutgers and it proved to be successful.  Now I am not one to watch Rutgers football too often, but if Greg’s tactics have proved to be successful at the collegiate level, why not try them in the NFL.  It seems like a reasonable thing to try to me.

The guy was about THIS BIG and was shovin’ and pushin’ on us, and all we wanted to do was go home. No fairsees!

Long time NFL Giants veteran Offensive Lineman Chris Snee thinks that the play is unacceptable at the professional level.  “It’s just something you don’t see at this level,” Snee said. “I’ve played in a lot of NFL games and really never been around that. It’s just one of those things where you have respect for the opposing team.”  Really?  You have to respect the opposing team?  That’s a load of crap.  You play in the Goddamn NFL.  Man the F*** up and stop crying about a legal play because your QB got tripped up. How about you all stop bitching and next time you meet Schiano and his team on the field, you take out your anger like men.  Or just continue crying like Baby Mario.

Here’s a video of Greg Schiano and his reactions to the final play of the game.  Let us know what you think about it and whether or not you think it was a good move or not.

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  1. I’ve always wondered why teams don’t try to do what the Buccaneers did on Sunday. If the play works 1 out of 1000 times, isn’t it worth a shot. Maybe Eli mishandles the snap, fumbles and the Bucs have a chance for a last second prayer. I don’t understand how anyone thinks that Schiano is wrong for playing the game until the game clock says 00:00. The NFL is such a copycat league and I guarantee we will see more teams take this approach when facing the “Victory Formation”

    September 18, 2012 at 9:56 PM

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