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Is that C.C. Making Love in the Middle Stall?

Over the weekend, the New York Yankees were taking on the Tampa Rays in extremely meaningful games with first place on the line.  However, the best action of the day might have been taking place in the mens room, as a couple had passionate Yankee Stadium sex for the better part of two and a half innings!  At first, the suspect appeared to be C.C. Sabathia, but after closer examination it turned out to be a skinny white guy in a Sabathia t-shirt.  Check it out below:

First of all, I’m sure the girl’s father must be so proud.  If only all of our daughters could grow up to have sex at some bathroom in the South Bronx.  Second of all, if the rumors are true, then dude lasted a solid 45 to an hour.  Reggie Jackson has the nickname Mr. October, Derek Jeter inherited Mr. November and I think it’s time we go ahead and crown this guy Mr. September.  That is how you come up big during a pennant race!  Last but not least, why are there people in the bathroom taking pictures and video?  You bought a ticket to see a Yankee game and decided to hang out in the bathroom and watch two youngsters in heat?  Next time, stay home and search the internet if that’s the kind of entertainment you are yearning.  Overall, another great example of how sports, alcohol and smart phones bring out the best our society has to offer..

Base balling been berry berry good to me…


One response

  1. Right On! Bobby:
    Invivudlas no go to the stadium to text, wave to the friends in the stands, eat eat eat, take photos blocking others’ views of the game, stand up and show off their food to those next to them, walk in and out of the row, etc…,,, etc..,,, Why not so good screwing in the bathroom? What a great place to get in on! Maybe people can pay their bills at the stadium, bring tvs and watch their favorite shows. Just don’t watch a Baseball game in a Baseball stadium! EDB

    September 20, 2012 at 12:51 PM

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