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Dwight Howard to the Lakers…The Drama is Over!


It’s Land o’ Lakers for Dwight

It’s about fucking time that we can all stop talking about where Dwight Howard will end up.  Late yesterday, a massive 4-team trade was accepted and the NBA’s hottest and most played out story line came to a conclusion with Dwight ending up with the Lakers.  A lot of you might be surprised that the Lakers got Howard, but if you are a true Sports Debaters fan then you probably read my article back on 7-18-2012 “” where I clearly stated the necessity for Howard if the Lakers wanted to dethrone Miami.  Nearly a month later my prediction rang true and now we are looking at possibly the best team I have ever seen on paper.


Well, Howard you feel if you were dropped Dwight into the best damned team in the West?

In a masterfully manipulative way, the Lakers were able to obtain Howard without giving up much by involving a fourth team in the trade.  The Lakers received Howard, the Denver Nuggets got Andre Iguodala, the Philadelphia 76ers got Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson, and the Magic received Arron Afflalo, Al Harrington, Nikola Vucevic and one protected future first-round pick from each of the three teams.  That means that LA literally only lost a young and talented Andrew Bynum and a future first round draft pick (protected by the way) for arguably the best Center in over a decade.


Just what LA needed! Even more beef than Kobe!

As a Knicks fan, I’m not to disappointed with this trade’s outcome because it moved the best defensive player in the league to the West coast.  What I am disappointed about is that with Dwight wearing the purple and gold everyone and their mother’s can predict who will be facing off in the NBA Finals for at least the next couple of seasons.  Since Shaq had left Miami, the Lakers/Heat rivalry has kind of fizzled out but with Superman coming to town you can expect the Miami vs Los Angeles game to be the hottest ticket in town once again.  It’s funny because we missed the first two month’s of last season due to a bargaining agreement where the league was looking for a solution so teams couldn’t stack all of the raw talent in one location…guess that shit failed, didn’t it?


With luck it will be a strike-shortened couple of seasons and the Lakers will get fat and lazy and women’s beach volleyball will become a nightly national televised event.

This is what happens people, big market teams get big market players.  Unfortunately for fans of other teams around the league, there really isn’t any reason for you watch this season because the outcome is already set.  If you look at the Lakers roster right now I honestly don’t think there is a team in history with a starting 5 as overall talented as LA has now.  Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Metta Worldpeace, Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard with Antwan Jamison coming off the bench…are you serious?.  That team in itself would win the Olympic gold guaranteed.


LA likes to think of itself this way, but it really has the Center of the Universe now!

When Steve Nash was acquired by the Lakers, there were a lot of haters out there saying how his lack of defense would affect them in a negative way.  Well Steve, you can let your marked men run past you all day now because you will have one of the greatest defenders of all time standing in the middle waiting to block whatever comes his way.  Dwight is a 3-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year and although he has had many media related faux pas’, the man is an absolute beast on the court and there is no way he will have a negative impact on the team.


At least most of the country can watch the planes passing back and forth from LA to Miami and vice-versa for entertainment.

Rumor has it that while in London at the Olympics, Kobe heard the news of the Dwight trade and went directly to the local jeweler to get fitted for ring number 6.  That’s not actually true but I’m sure the thought went through his mind.  I know Miami is coming off a successful championship season and that Lebron finally got the monkey off of his back, but with Dwight joining Kobe and Nash my pick is for the Lakers to be champions once again.  Try and debate me, I dare you!

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