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The University of Florida Should Be a Sovereign Nation


Hey – the Chinese haven’t even got a knockoff of this yet!

Unless you live in a cave, you know that the Olympics are going on.  This year’s London Olympics offers 302 events, over 10,500 athletes, and 204 different Nations (technically they are called the NOC, National Olympic Committees) .  There is one group of athletes, though, that has won so many medals already that they could call themselves the 205th nation.




Golden bagel with Lochtes


Got stock in UF? If not, BUY, don’t SELL. Like Elizabeth here.


Float like a butterfly. Or swim like one!

The University of Florida has 40 different athletes representing their SEC powerhouse.  Just a couple of days into the Olympics, they are already proving why they have the best athletic program in the world.  As if Tebowmania wasn’t enough to keep UF on the map, their Olympians have come out of the gates on fire. The famous “Gator Chomp” has been prevalent throughout the trials all the way to London and those who proudly sport Orange and Blue have not been disappointed yet.


How big is Florida’s effect on US medals? This big!

Ryan Lochte smoking Michael Phelps in the 400-meter medley to notch the first of the Gator medals, made UF’s success rate look promising from the start.  Dana Vollmer followed Lochte’s impressive victory with swimming gold of her own in the women’s 100m butterfly.  Elizabeth Beisel won the silver medal in the women’s 400m IM and Lochte picked up his second medal in the men’s 400m Free Relay where he and his teammates finished with the silver.  That makes four medals for UF athletes and counting.  Sure, when you hear four medals you don’t think that it is anything too special, but that’s more than Australia, Canada, and even the home town team, Great Britain.  Right now the Sovereign Nation of the University of Florida, otherwise known as the Gator Nation, is one of the best ranked nations in this competition.


Not soccer moms yet, but soooo soccer.

With Abby Wambach and Heather Mitts at the forefront of the favored women’s US Soccer team you can expect more Gator’s to being wearing some heavy hardware throughout the Olympics.  Let’s just hope orange, blue, and gold don’t clash.

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  2. Peter

    Wow! That’s the way to suck it up MTE! 1:30 in the morning so your resistance must have been down for you to say something good about our beloved Gators. Very nice article to start the day.

    July 31, 2012 at 7:53 AM

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