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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Grunwald


Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the Glen…

When you become a face of a New York Sports team, there is a lot of pressure that comes with the territory.  When you become part of the upper management of a New York Sports team, there is never enough time to prove your dedication and capabilities to fix whatever you were brought in for.  Over the past year, no one in New York sports has worked harder and faster than the GM of the New York Knicks, Glen Grunwald.  Between having to fix the most fucked up salary cap ridden team in the NBA to turning the World’s Most Famous Arena back into an admirable place to play, Grunwald has brought the Knicks back to relevancy and more.


He was hiding Lin plain sight to avoid acceptLin the trade documents.

Sure, the acquisition’s of Kidd, Felton, Camby, Thomas and most recently Brewer, were good offseason pickups, but the most attention Grunwald and the Knicks received recently has to be the Jeremy Lin drama.  We all know at this point that Lin is no longer a Knick and that he will be rocking the Crimson for the Rockets for the next three season’s at least.  What a lot of people don’t know is how the process of Lin signing with Houston actually went down.  After recent reports surfaced, it seems as if once Lin signed the offer sheet from Houston that there was some complications in getting that document to the Knicks front office.


On behalf of the Academy, I’d like to accept Glen’s award for best avoider in a major team role.

Just so everyone understands, Jeremy Lin was a restricted free agent and any offer that another team presented him the Knicks were allowed to match within 3 days of Lin signing.  Over the past few weeks, NBA executives and young hopefuls were in Las Vegas for the NBA Summer League.  The Rockets tried multiple times to contact the Knicks organization with Lin’s offer sheet, but what Grunwald realized was that as long as the signed sheet wasn’t in his hands the clock on the Knicks 3 days wouldn’t start…BRILLIANT!


See Grunwald? He’s right there, under the LINen!

The Houston Chronicle made immediate reports:  “Glen Grunwald refused to answer the door to his room at the Mandarin Oriental or come to the front desk to accept the offer sheet,” the Chronicle reported.  “We asked the league for help,” Rockets general manager Daryl Morey told the Chronicle. “They gave us advice. We did what they suggested. They say they consider it a team-to-team issue.”


There, there Glen. Don’t cry. We can always burn the place down.

I can just picture it now, the Rockets knocking on Grunwald’s hotel room door as Glen was crouched in the corner of his room with his hands over his ears as if he was Leonardo DiCaprio being forced to shower in the movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.  I haven’t heard of New York management dedication like this since Bobby Valentine went incognito back in the late 90’s just to watch a game he was previously ejected from.  Grunwald proved that Lin was too important to just answer the door and look at the offer sheet that he already knew the Knicks owner, Darth Dolan, wouldn’t let him match.  What was the man to do?


Just like the famous St. Valentine’s Day Mask-iker.

I completely understand where Grunwald was coming from.  I still remember when my mother would come home from work on the first Tuesday of the month and she would ask me to clean my room before the cleaning lady came over, (which I always thought was bullshit by the way…sorry mom), but to avoid her orders I always found a good hiding spot in the house and I would sit there in the fetal position just to avoid what I already knew was inevitable.  There are some things we can’t change in this world and Glen Grunwald seemed to know that with this Lin offer sheet.  Eventually the Knicks received the offer and it wasn’t matched.


Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Jeremy who?
See – they forget so quickly anyway!

All in all, the moral of this story is that even though the Knicks, including Grunwald, let the Lin goldmine walk out the door, there is no discrediting the dedication and love Grunwald has for his team.


One response

  1. Matt:
    You gotta let this thing go! The Knicks are a dysfunctional organization. The owner does not “Get It” and never will. Lin is gone. He brought some excitement to an otherwise “listless” team. Unfortunately, back to “BORING.” It’s Summer and I am sick of hearing of Lin and The Knicks. They do not deserve all this attention. They have not won in “40 years,” won “ONE” playoff game in the last ten years. ENOUGH ALREADY!
    I think Dolan should come out of the closet and ride off with Isiah. Because it is Isiah who is advising the Kinicks. And with Isiah, comes DISASTER. EDB

    July 25, 2012 at 12:15 PM

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