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Walking Advertisements…Literally!


It doesn’t ad up.

When I heard the absurd news today that the NBA was going to allow small advertising patches to be sold and placed on jersey’s, I almost threw up in my mouth.  As if the NBA and their new rules and regulations don’t give us enough to make fun of, David Stern and company are now going to let the players look like walking advertisements.  This is an absolute joke and is going to make the NBA, which has hundreds of reasons for criticisms already, the laughing-stock of professional American sports.  Sure, professional soccer and NASCAR already allow such advertising, but who gives a shit, this is the NBA and there is no place for it.


Mad Men on the court. What’s next – 3 martini half-time?

NBA fans just suffered though a bullshit strike-shortened season due to both players and owners being money-grubbing whores, and now we are going to subject ourselves to watching our favorite teams parade around like human billboards.  I have always been the type of Knicks fan to buy the hottest jersey of the season, but if the Knicks think I’m going to walk around wearing a jersey with ads all over it they are sadly mistaking.  I could only imagine the type of ads my Knicks would draw anyway.  Maybe the new kits will sport ads as classy as “Depends” or “The Scooter Store.”


I’m not a real billboard. I just play one on TV.

NBA executives are trying to justify their decision to advertise in this ridiculous manner by saying that it can generate upwards of $100 million dollars annually.  $100 million dollars in the NBA is nothing considering there have been over 15 players that have signed contracts over the past 5 years worth that amount.  Then these executives are coming out and saying that the advertisements are going to be small and just in one spot.  Are you kidding me?  Do they think we are morons?  I’m sure big companies are going to pay large sums of money just so they can get a tag size ad placed on a teams jersey.  How about you take a look at those NASCAR and Soccer ads and tell me how small they are.


Okay, we’ll accept the ad shirts if you agree to run around the court 500 times while we drink beer and tell cracker jokes.

Even Bud Selig, widely considered the worst Commissioner in all of sports, wouldn’t inflict this embarrassment on his sport.

“You learn never to say never, but you know, with us, uniforms are really important,” Selig said on “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN 1000. “They’re history.  You can close your eyes, and that Cubs uniform, my goodness gracious, I can remember (that from) when I was 10 years old, and that’s a long time ago. And there’s the Yankee pinstripes, and the Red Sox and so on and so forth, so I’ve been pretty consistent on that.”


4 out of 5 spectators agree – ads are for fucking street signs!

It’s bad enough that you can’t even go to an NBA game and read a program you bought without giant full page ads for Subway or Nike popping up in your face, while the stats and facts you bought the program for are written in small insignificant corners of pages you can never seem to find.  I really can’t believe that a sport that I have loved since before I can remember is turning out to be a money hungry sellout spectacle.  I can only imagine how far this bullshit advertising will go.  I can see it now, while players sit on the bench the NBA will require them to wear sandwich boards with ads so we can generate more revenue for people that are already set for life financially.


“Bridge for sale” – new ad for owners trying to convince viewers that ads are for the good of all.

Some people are saying that if teams use their advertising space on their jerseys then they will be able to lower ticket prices and the teams will also be able to afford higher paid players.  What a crock of shit!  NBA fans, please do not be naive.  Do you really think the billionaire team owners who are vying for this advertising space are going to supplement their profits and help benefit the fans…I don’t think so.  The ads are supposed to go into effect during the 2013-14 season and I can only hope that David Stern and company can reconsider, because even with all the recent ridiculousness I still kind of respect the NBA…but things change.

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    Great article! That’s why I pay the big bucks to subscribe to this blog!

    July 20, 2012 at 7:41 PM

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