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The Midsummer Let Down


A few days ago, I wrote about how much I enjoyed the Major League Baseball All-Star game.  Seeing the greatest ball players in the world battle it out first in the Home Run Derby, and then the game itself has always been something I’ve found special.  Players who don’t often play each other compete while other players who are used to competing with each other team up for one night.  In the American League dugout you’ll find rivals like Derek Jeter and David Ortiz playing and cheering on their team for the same purpose.  It has always been a lot of fun to watch for me, an avid baseball fan.  However, this All-Star game did not live up to my expectations what so ever.  In fact, I’ll go even further to say that it absolutely sucked and I had a hard time sitting through and watching the action (even though I saw damn near every pitch).


First of all, the All-Star game itself was boring as hell.  Justin Verlander came in and gave up five damn runs in the first inning and the game was pretty much over.  All the life was taken out of the game at that point.  As a Yankee fan, the fact that my team may finish with the best record in baseball but not get home field in the World Series thanks to Mr. Verlander is a fucking joke.  Bud Selig really shit the bed when he made that rule up a few years ago following the infamous tie in 2002.  At least if the Tigers make the World Series and don’t get home field, they can look at their own player as a main reason why.  However, if any other team like the Yanks, Angels or Rangers make it through to the Fall Classic, how does it make any sense that they won’t get to host the deciding Game 7 in their building.  Just look at last year as an example, as the Texas Rangers had to play Game 7 at St. Louis in the World Series and lost to the Cardinals on the road as a result of an exhibition game result.  The fact that it was a blow out, and a first inning blow out makes the result even harder to swallow.  Major League Baseball, you better check into this and fix it.


Also, why the hell is Tony La Russa managing the NL team?  First of all, he is a miserable looking man, with a face that not even his own mother could really love.  I understand his team won the World Series last year and that the World Series managers get the privilege the following year, but he retired!  Why should he be allowed to call the shots when he doesn’t really have a dog in the fight?  Now I know that he won the game but imagine he had to make a decision at the end of the game that would cost a rival of his the ability to play Game 7 at home?  What if La Russa had an opportunity to screw over the Brewers or Cubs?  Since he has nothing to really gain from any managing decision, there is no reason he should be pressing the buttons in this game.  If MLB is going to make the game actually mean something, then they need to be consistent and treat it like it does.  La Russa retired from baseball and should have watched the game on his couch like all the other ex managers did.


One of La Russa’s decisions that pissed me off, though ultimately didn’t effect the game too much was not starting R.A. Dickey.  Now I am not a Mets fan, but as a fan of baseball, how could anyone not enjoy the year and story that Dickey has put together?  Even if La Russa thinks that starter Matt Cain is a better pitcher, he has to understand that everyone wanted to see Dickey come in and throw his knuckleball out of the gate.  R.A. got into the game in the middle innings, but by then it was already decided and the anticipation and excitement wasn’t there. Dickey’s numbers dictate that he should have 100% been the starter, as his ERA, WHIP, wins, K’s per 9 innings and hits per 9 innings are all superior to Matt Cain.  Awful job by La Russa to not only disallow the best and most deserving pitcher an All-Star start, but by ruining the greatest story in baseball to come around in a long time.


As for the Home Run derby, how the hell can Kansas City Royal fans boo Robinson Cano during the entire competition?  Actually, allow me to correct myself.  They cheered when he made outs.  Robinson, as the AL Derby captain didn’t pick Kansas City Royal Billy Butler to participate in the competition.  I understand that fans can be disappointed, but to show the lack of class they did during the Derby is a travesty.  Robinson Cano has never said or done anything offensive to anyone.  He is a fun loving player who happens to be one of the top 5 in the world.  For the Royal fans to boo him to the extent they did during an All-Star game competition which is supposed to be fun is bull shit.  Cano tried to play it off like it didn’t bother him, but how could it not?  Yesterday at the actual game, Royal fans continued to heckle Cano, even messing with his family in the stands.  Now I know that the Royals won’t make the World Series (probably ever in my lifetime), but shouldn’t they be rooting for the American League?  Also, it is never acceptable to go after a player’s family for any reason.  If the reason is over Billy Butler however, it makes the Royal fans the biggest bunch of morons I have ever witnessed. Billy fucking Butler!  Butler’s career high in HR’s is 21!  Also, Cano’s American League picks ended up winning the competition so it looks like Robinson made some good decisions.  Kansas City Royal fans showed they are the type of fans who breed losing baseball.  Is there any wonder that as soon as any Royal player gets good and enters their contract year, they run the hell out of there as fast as possible.  If George Brett was a Yankee he wouldn’t even be in their all time top 10.  Your team is a joke and so are you.


With that all said, I’m ready for the second half of baseball to kick off.  I hope Robinson Cano gets fueled by the haters and explodes in the next few weeks, which I totally expect.  I hope the American League World Series representative destroys whoever comes out of the weak National League.  I hope R.A. Dickey continues to pitch better than Matt Cain.  I hope Tony La Russa finds something else to do with his spare time.  I hope Bud Selig grows a brain.  But mostly, I hope that Billy Butler and the Kansas City Royals don’t win another game for the rest of their year.  Their fans 100% deserve it!

3 responses

  1. sleeds

    glad I didnt watch the damn thing. I agree larussa had no buisness being there, Dickey should have pitched, he only gave Cain the start cause of his perfect game. However I hope billy butler goes yard 20 more times this season, I could use the fantasy points.

    July 12, 2012 at 11:33 PM

  2. Bobby:
    The answer to all you complained about is one first and last name: Bud Selig. Major League Baseball is great, despite boobs like Selig who do their best to run the sport into the ground. As I wrote in my blog, Jarod Weaver would have been a better choice to start the game. He is having a better year than Verlander. But look at who was managing for the AL, Ron Washington, not the swiftest. Larussa got to manage because the Cards are the World Champs. Of course, if Texas had home field because it was not decided by an exhibition game, despite Washington, Larussa would not have gotten to manage. R.A. Dickey would have been such a “feel-good” story for Baseball. The ratings were slightly down. If Dickey started, I believe it would have boosted ratings. Finally, KC fans like most Baseball fans like to scapegoat the Yankees. It is chic to hate the Yankees players. I hope the Yankees smack the Royals around so their fans can hate the Yankees more. Let’s give em’ what they want. EDB

    July 11, 2012 at 7:08 PM

  3. Totally agree, the whole two days sucked. The derby should be awesome but it drags on too long. They’ve gotta reduce the number of outs or something, it’s beyond annoying watching these guys stand there while 5 plus pitches go by without swinging. Also the Royals fans were a complete joke, there is no need for that on any level. Onto the game, could not have been a bigger disappointment. Basically over before it even started. Dickey should have started for sure, his numbers and personality and the remarkable success he’s had this year warrant it. The whole home field advantage for the World Series is insanely stupid, especially when in most years the starters are long gone by the time the game is being decided. Clearly we saw the Rangers not be able to close out 2 years in a row now and the fact that they were the road team both years is not a coincidence. I’d say the hi-lite was seeing Melky Cabrera win the MVP, who would’ve thought he would become the great player he’s become after being sent away by the Yankees. Good for him.

    July 11, 2012 at 5:34 PM

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