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#1 Pick of the NBA Draft

ImageThe NBA draft is upon us and the now the owners and general managers must duke it out with negotiations and trade talks to see who can obtain the hot commodities in this years draft class.  Even though there are 60 picks between the two rounds of the draft, all of the focus goes to that first pick.  Sure there have been some great players that didn’t get drafted #1, maybe even the greatest ever in Michael Jordan, but there is no denying that the #1 pick can redefine your franchise if chosen correctly. Who could forget the all time #1 draft pick busts like Michael Olowokandi and Kwame Brown who left their respective franchises, the Clippers and Wizards, in the crapper as they provided no help whatsoever to turning their teams around.


If Ewing the draft as number 1, Ewmay be a disapointment.

My favorite basketball player of all time, Patrick Ewing, was the #1 pick of the 1985 draft and he led the Knicks to 15 consecutive playoff runs.  Now Ewing never won the NBA MVP award but there have been 11 #1 picks that have.  Oscar Robertson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (6 times), Bill Walton, Magic Johnson (3 times), Hakeem Olajuwon, David Robinson, Shaq, Allen Iverson, Tim Duncan (2 times), Lebron James (3 times) and Derrick Rose have all proven that their upper management knew what they were doing when they called their names as the #1 pick.  The second that the #1 pick is said aloud at the draft, his face instantly becomes the forefront of a franchise that has clearly been struggling based on their ability to get that #1 slot.


“The Davis Our Lives” – the hottest ticket in town

This years draft contains what people are calling one of the best players of all time and he hasn’t even stepped out onto the professional hardwood yet.  Anthony Davis has critics drooling as people are just trying to figure out how he can translate his college dominance to the NBA level.  There have been comparisons made between Davis and Duncan, which is pretty high praise because Duncan is one of the greatest players ever.  As I stated before, when Davis’ name gets called tonight as the first pick of the draft, he will be the new face of the New Orleans Hornets organization.  With that being said, there is only one person I can compare Davis to right now and that is one of my childhood mentors, Bert.


Maybe he looks like Bert, but he’ll be Ernie a ton of money!


Frida eyes! Shave da brow and Frida eyes!

If you didn’t notice from the above picture, Davis sports one of the thickest unibrows ever.  He looks absolutely ridiculous and for some reason to this day he still hasn’t had it fixed.  Maybe he was a huge Sesame Street fan and his unibrow is an ode to Bert, whose unibrow is without question the best ever.  Maybe he wasn’t a fan of Bert and maybe he just had a huge interest in the “Surrealist Art Movement,” where the person with the most recognizable unibrow, Frida Kahlo, was a major contributor.

Regardless of his reasons, Anthony Davis must fix this atrocity immediately.  Sure there is some symbolism behind that brow of his.  I mean the prefix “uni” does mean “one,” and Davis is about the be the #1 pick of the draft, but is that enough reason to walk around like you have a giant Caterpillar permanently sitting on your forehead.  I think not, and if I was Monte Williams and the rest of the Hornets organization I would force him to have that taken care of on a daily basis.  I really hope that the Hornets don’t turn around and try to embrace that hideous unibrow and make it a trademark like the Thunder fans did for James Harden’s beard.  I mean I can just see it now, the Hornets handing out stick on unibrows that all the fans can wear during home games that would make their stadium look like it was filled with products of incest.

I think Davis will be great and I look forward to seeing who else will get picked in tonight’s draft, but if Davis doesn’t want to be ridiculed on a nightly basis, he better fix his hairy situation.

P.S.  I apologize to anyone with a unibrow that may have been offended by this article.  I do not feel that all people with unibrows look like products of incest…just most of them.

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