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Elias tells Los Angeles to go puck themselves!


City of Los Puckelas.


After the Los Angeles Kings defeated the New Jersey Devils in the Stanley Cup Finals, I assumed that the major story lines of the NHL season was over.  I was wrong.  The Kings won their first Stanley Cup ever in the history of the Finals, and the fans of Los Angeles celebrated, at least for a couple of minutes prior to the next big red carpet event.  However, the Kings show showed they truly are amateurs in winning, as the team is now searching for the puck that was on the ice when the final horn sounded and they became champs.


I cannot tell Elias; the puck is in the mail.


When King officials looked at the replay of the final seconds, they were able to see that Devils winger Patrik Elias flipped the puck up to his glove.  As the Kings were celebrating, nobody from the organization thought of capturing the puck that would probably sell for a lot of hollywood dollars, or at least be a nice exhibit in the storied Los Angeles Kings museum.  After Elias skated off the ice, video replay showed him handing his stick to a fan in the crowd, but there is no evidence that he ever removed the puck from his possession.


Rubber Pucky, you’re so fine. And I’m lucky that you’re mine … well, WERE mine!


The Kings have since contacted the Devils, and New Jersey representatives said they would look into the matter.  However, as of today the puck is still missing.  I’m assuming that Elias kept it in his pocket, took it back to Newark on the team charter and now has the puck hidden in his sock or underwear drawer.  I think it’s a pretty brilliant move on his part, as stealing a piece of Kings history probably lessens the pain of not making any of his own.  Los Angeles now knows they will have to repeat next year if they want to place that specific memorabilia in  the Staples Center or do whatever else they may want to.  This also proves that the Kings are still a second-rate organization because I know that if the Lakers won a title, Kobe Bryant would track the ball down before he even smiles.  So Kings fans can now take solace in the fact that even when they win, they are still a bunch of losers!

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