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Crowning Glory

A 6-1 victory says that LA wanted the cup more than NJ

Their first ever Stanley Cup since they entered into the NHL fray 45 years ago – something for which the Kings have every reason to be proud.For a town that experiences most of their ice in their drinks by the pool or under the trays at the buffet, you have to hand it to Los Angeles for turning out strong in support of their Kings. Unlike the disappointments suffered by each of the other NHL crowds this season, this sell-out LA audience was treated to a demonstration of sheer power by their team.

I’ll leave it for the more versed in hockey-analia to spell out the specifics of the game; for now leave it said that the LA Kings are truly kings today. And now the Angelistas can get back to the pool and remember why they like ice in the first place.

All they are is Dustin the Wins …

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