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Sharapova Hits a Grand Slam


La capitulation française à Maria – partie d’une longue lignée de capilutations françaises

Early Saturday morning, woman’s tennis star Maria Sharapova completed a feat that only a few can say they have accomplished.  On the clay courts of Roland Garros, Sharapova proved why she is considered one of the greatest woman tennis players ever.  After winning Wimbledon in 2004, the US Open in 2006 and the Australian Open 2008, Maria Sharapova has become only the 11th woman to ever win all four Grand Slam events with her winning of the French Open 2012.  Maria is the first ever Russian born player to accomplish this feat.  Sharapova has been showered with accolades with 27 tournaments wins under her belt and securing the #1 woman’s ranking for the second time in her career.


A Grand Slam mistress; wonder if Denny’s will name a breakfast after her…

The most impressive part of Sharapova’s run to the completion of her Grand Slam was that in 2008 she battled through a shoulder injury that would sideline most players for the longevity of their careers.  Her first time ever reaching the #1 ranking came all the way back in 2005 when most people had figured she peaked, but 7 years later she is back on top after her French Open win proving to the world there is still a lot more to come.  Italian born Sara Errani, who was ranked #23 in the world but now the #10 ranked woman, amazed tons of spectators throughout the French Open but she could not matchup with Sharapova who looked poised to win from the get go.  Maria swept her way through the quarterfinals, semifinals and the finals with never losing more than 3 games in any given set.


Maria shares a pair of … my mistake, it’s Maria Sharapova.

When Sharapova surfaced as a young superstar tennis player in America, she was looked at as more of a sex symbol rather than talented athlete.  From 2003-06, Maria was ranked by Maxim magazine as the worlds hottest athlete.  She modeled in a 6-page spread in Sports Illustrated for their 2006 swimsuit edition and quickly became the key focus for teenage boys around the world.  With her own line of tennis apparel and her face in front of many philanthropic organizations, Maria has separated herself from the everyday superstar.  While many of these distractions might have adversely affected her tennis career, such as it did to Ana Kornikova, Maria has stayed focused and recaptured her previous glory.  Congratulations to Maria Sharapova and her completion of the woman’s tennis Grand Slam!


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