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Disappointment at the Stakes


I Guess I Wont Have Another

As I was sitting down to write about I’ll Have Another, the magical horse that I picked to win the Kentucky Derby, it was announced the heavy 4-5 favorite of the Belmont was scratched from the race due to injury.  I’ll Have Another was attempting to win the Triple Crown, and if he won tomorrow at Belmont he would have been the first successful horse to do so since Affirmed in 1978.  Since Affirmed, 11 previous horses have won both the Kentucky Derby and Preakness, though each of them failed to win the Belmont Stakes.  At least all 11 of those horses had a chance and ran the last leg of the crown.  I’ll Have Another is the first horse since 1936 to not even run the race.


Not too much at [Belmont] Stake tomorrow now

Now I am not a horse racing fan per se, but I truly saddened that this is how I’ll Have Another’s legacy has played out.  I was looking forward to the race tomorrow, and was contemplating making the trip to witness history in person.  Unfortunately, now there is very little intrigue heading into the race tomorrow for the casual fan.  Also, this is a huge blow to the horse racing industry.  During the middle of the 20th Century, there were three major sports followed in American Society, baseball, boxing and horse racing.  The last two have been irrelevant in main stream culture for years now, so a big story like a Triple Crown winner would have been fantastic to bring an exciting past time back into the spotlight.  The workers at the Belmont were expecting a huge turnout tomorrow, and now I’m sure many people like myself will not make the ride out.


Push for glory and possible glue factory, or safety – you can’t blame the crew for chosing the latter

“It’s devastating. I thought this was going to be one of the greatest races in history, and I wanted the opportunity to be part of it,” said Dale Romans, trainer of second favorite Dullahan. “But this is bigger than that. This is terrible news.”  Even Romans, who now has an even better chance of riding to his own glory Saturday, is saddened by this turn of events.  It appears that the training staff for I’ll Have Another is being extremely responsible, and the horse will be able to go on and live a healthy life.  If they wanted to be selfish and run the horse for a chance at glory, there would have been a risk of a life threatening injury.  Even so, whether you are a big horse racing fan or you just enjoy sports casually, everybody enjoys watching history unfold before their eyes.  Unfortunately,the racing industry and fans around the world will have to continue to wait for the next Triple Crown winner.

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  1. Ellen

    I didn’t know he wasn’t racing…..even I was looking forward to it… 😦

    June 8, 2012 at 4:22 PM

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