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Kings Bedeviled; Devils are Kings for a Day

Sometimes when you are skating on thin ice, the guys in front fall through first.

Hockey, the sport of Kings. Or at least that’s what everyone thought going into last night’s game 4 of the Stanley Cup playoffs. It appears that the Devils had something to say about that with their 3-1 trouncing of LA. So all you Jersey fans who had already locked up your, well actually, your NJ JERSEYS, its time to take them out of the closet and get yourselves ready for another Saturday night of hockey in Newark. And all you non-believers who were psyched for a Kings’ shutout, let’s just say that you’ll probably have to wait one more game. I mean who are we kidding if we think New Jersey is going to turn this all around?

For those of you who actually pay attention to this, the outcome of last night’s game must have been really exciting! And for everyone else – you know there is another NBA playoff game tonight in Boston, right?

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