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National Basketball Association Lottery- Hey, You Never Know!


It takes balls to win in the lottery


Cut nets to Hornets

About 2 months ago, Anthony Davis partied on the streets of New Orleans after leading his Kentucky Wildcats to the NCAA Championship.  Now, it appears he will be packing up and moving to the city in which he enjoyed his greatest conquest.  The New Orleans Hornets, who finished last season with a 21-45 record, the 4th worst in the NBA, had a 13.7% chance of capturing the 1st draft pick.  However, the ping-pong balls fell in their favor, and now the Hornets will have a chance to grab Davis, the obvious choice for the first pick.  Last offseason, the Hornets traded away their biggest star, Chris Paul, as he demanded a trade and the team obliged.  This offseason, Hornets fans will have an opportunity to rejoice as they will replace some of the star power they lost when Paul went to the Los Angeles Clippers.


All my underwear fits like Kidd gloves

The Charlotte Bobcats came into the draft with the greatest chance of capturing the #1 pick, as their record-setting 7-59 record landed them a 25% chance of scoring the grand prize.  Michael Jordan has received a lot  of criticism as the owner of the Bobcats, and adding a player like Anthony Davis could have done wonders to move their franchise in the right direction.  So far Jordan’s NBA owner career has been much closer to his baseball career than basketball playing career.  Obviously Jordan’s gambling addiction didn’t help the Bobcats win this lottery, but Charlotte did grab the #2 pick, and might focus on drafting Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Anthony Davis’s teammate in college.  If you pair MKG with Kemba Walker, another NCAA Championship winner, the Bobcats might have a reason to be hopeful for the future.


Wizards wave winless wand

The Washington Wizards were able to secure the third pick in the draft, even though they finished the NBA season with the 2nd worse record, which gave them a 19.9% shot at the #1 pick.  I believe they will take Andre Drummond, the Center out of the University of Connecticut.  The 6’11, 275 pound 18-year-old is great at running the floor and has a lot of raw talent that can be turned into an excellent all-around offensive game in a few years.  Jon Wall should love playing with Drummond, as Wizard fans hope the combination of a young and promising PG with a young and promising Center will allow DC to finally compete.

Picks 4-14 were then determined by last seasons records.  For a complete list of who is picking where in the first round, check:

Tell us what you think about tonight’s lottery and who you want your favorite team to draft on June 28!


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