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Keep Your Hands to Yourself


I wear gloves for a reason – no fingerprints!

Former Yankee outfielder, Chad Curtis, has been charged with criminal sexual conduct on two high school students in a Michigan High School.  Two girls filed complains against Curtis, saying he touched them while volunteering at their school.  Curtis was arraigned and released after posting 10% of the $250,000 bond issued by the judge.  Curtis denies any wrongdoing.

The reason this story is so fascinating to me is because I met Curtis as a 7th grader at sports camp.  Curtis came to the camp and passed out baseball cards of himself, which everybody thought was great.  However, when you usually turn a card over you expect to see baseball statistics.  Not Chad Curtis’s card though.  Instead, Chad had bible scriptures and tributes to Jesus on his card.  He spoke to the camp minimally about his baseball career, but instead spent the majority talking about his faith and religious views.  Since the camp was located in a large Jewish community, I don’t believe Curtis’s message was delivered.


Is this the face of a molester? Only time and police lineups can tell.

I guess in Curtis’s view of what is virtuous, he has omitted that touching minors is a sin.  His “message” holds zero value as he is obviously somebody who fails to practice what he is preaching.  Now I know that the American judicial system states that citizens are innocent into proven guilty, however for Chad Curtis to even be in this situation tells me that something about him is definitely not right.  I really hope the first thing Curtis did after posting bond was drive his ass to confession.  After that, I hope he cancelled all other volunteer appearances he had coming up at any schools and camps.  Bottom line is that if you are going to push your views on other people, especially children, you need to set an example.  Obviously Curtis has failed to do so and he needs to have his missionary card retracted immediately.


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  1. Bobby:
    Very interesting post. I believe that Chad Curtis is exhibiting the defense mechanism known as “reaction formation. This is when an individuals acts in the directly opposite position to what their true desires are. Obviously, they usually do not act on their desires because it is socially unacceptable. I taught health for many years, and as part of the psychology unit, we discussed defense mechanisms. Perhaps, Chad was unable to control his urges any longer. I am happy you were not hit upon as a child. He needs to get help. I feel bad that I posted the story and then added Tebow. I guess it’s my may way of dealing with a very unpleasant subject. But these overly religious types concern me. EDB

    May 25, 2012 at 5:37 PM

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