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Heat(ed) Play Sets Game 5 Pace(ers)

Haslem hacks Hansbrough’s head heating hazardous half

Just one of 3 flagrants last night as Miami trounced Indiana 115-83 is what is beginning to look like a WWF ballgame. Some suspect it was in retaliation for the smackdown Hansbrough gave to Dwyane Wade less than a minute before.

Some time during the night the league will have reviewed these FF 1 rulings to see if any rise to the level of Flagrant Foul 2. If so, the complexion of Thursday’s game 6 could change dramatically. Right now it looks as if it is the Heat’s series to win or lose, but don’t count the Pacers out yet. One thing is for sure – nobody is losing tomorrow’s game without some fists flying if the temperature in the room does not cool down a bit.

This game was extremely dirty from beginning to end and it seems as if a rivalry has been started.  A lot of people are saying that the Miami players were more malicious with their fouls and the commentators of last nights game seem to agree.  Take a look at the dirty play from both sides last night, let us know what you think and get yourself excited for what is sure to be a tough “fought” game 6 in Indiana:


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  1. So the fouls were made and now the suspensions have been given. Udonis Haslem will be suspended for one game and Pittman will be out for 3. Pittman is not a player in Miami’s rotation but the loss of Haslem will be a tough one for Miami since they are already without Bosh.

    May 23, 2012 at 7:32 PM

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