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Lets Get Ready to Rumble

A few months ago I wrote an article begging the NY public to open up their eyes and take note of the best rivalry in New York sports. (  ) I’m sure everyone remembers the fight above.  Now, since both the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils have advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals, everyone will have to!  Last night, the Rangers took Game 7 from the Capitals.  It was an intense series from start to finish and the Rangers showed they had the heart and desire to triumph in a huge game in front of the Garden crowd.  Brad Richards goal a minute in a half into the game put the Blueshirts out front early, and the Rangers played picture perfect defense to hold onto the game.

Now, lets turn the page to the Devils.  New Jersey had an excellent season primarily over the radar.  In a small group with the Yankees and Giants, the Devils are among the elite New York area franchises, competing every season.  However, unlike the Yankees and Giants, the Devils are not the premiere team in town, have a competitive disadvantage salary wise, yet they always find a way to make the playoffs.  They recently dispatched the Philadelphia Flyers in five games and prior to that they won a tough nosed series against the Florida Panthers in 7.  The Devils have been sitting at home the past few days, resting and watching the Rangers and Capitals tire each other out.  However, might that rest turn into rust?  We shall see when the puck drops tomorrow at the Garden.

Lundqvist vs. Brodeur, Callahan vs. Parise, Gaborik vs. Kovalchuk, Richards vs. Elias…there are a lot of intriguing matchups heading into this series.  My gut feeling going into this series is the Rangers will win in 6.  It’s hard to bet against Brodeur in any series, however Lundqvist is better than Marty at this point in their careers, and I believe the Rangers are much more discipline and sound defensively than Philly was.  The Devils scored a few week goals against the Flyers that just won’t happen in this series.  Both teams are battle tested but the Rangers had to fight harder to get here.  Ottawa and Washington were both superior to the Panthers and Flyers and the Rangers came together.  There might be some speculation that this would have tired them out, but I don’t see it that way.  I think the Rangers had to come together, battle side by side and now have the ability to take the next step to the Cup.  Those of us who remember the 1994 battle in this round, I think we could look for a similar result to this little clip below.  Hockey is back in NY and now it really is time to open up your eyes.

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  1. I will be there tomorrow. LETS GO RANGERS. EDB

    May 13, 2012 at 11:22 PM

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