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Raining Home Runs in Baltimore


A Hamil-ton of good news

More rare than a No-Hitter and even more rare than a Perfect Game, Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers performed a feat that only 15 other players have done before him in the history of baseball.  On Tuesday night in Camden Yards, Hamilton blasted 4 Home Runs in one night to not only help beat the AL East leading Baltimore Orioles, but to also help pad is overall American League leading statistics in this young season.  Hamilton became only the sixth American League player to drive four balls over the fence and first to do it since Carlos Delgado did it for the Toronto Blue Jays back in 2003 against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.  Before getting dominated in back-to-back games by the Rangers, the Orioles were boasting the best record in the majors after coming off a sweep in Fenway Park and taking 2 of 3 in Yankee Stadium, but all that momentum could not slow down the train Hamilton and the Rangers are in.

Josh Hamilton has been off to a torrid start to the 2012 season, absolutely dominating anything that anyone throws at him.  As of Wednesday morning, Hamilton leads all of baseball in the Triple Crown categories with a .406 BA, 14 Home Runs, and 36 RBI’s.  In his most recent game of dominance, Josh even impressed himself.

“I was saying after I hit two that I had never hit three in a game before. What a blessing that was,” Hamilton said. “And then to hit four, it was just an awesome feeling to see how excited my teammates got.

Americans love a great performance, but they love a great story more.  Luckily for us Josh Hamilton provides us with both.  As a first round draft pick of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in 1999, Hamilton came into the league to great expectations  and left quickly as a huge disappointment.  Like many athletes who can’t handle the pressure of the big leagues, Josh turned to drugs and alcohol and was removed from MLB until 2007 when he returned to the Cincinnati Reds.  He was quickly traded to the Rangers and he hasn’t looked back.  In 2010 he was the American League MVP and yet he is off to an even better start to the 2012 season.  He has helped to the Texas Rangers to back-to-back World Series and now has Texas off to their best start in franchise history with a 20-10 record.

“Obviously it’s, other than being in the World Series, the highlight of my big-league career,” Hamilton said of his 4 Home Runs.

With the way the Rangers are playing right now it is hard to argue that they won’t be at the “Big Dance” for a third straight year and I can assure you all that Disney executives are praying they win it because wouldn’t that make a great movie.  Yes, I know Disney owns the Rangers division rival Anaheim Angels, but the way they’re playing they don’t look like they have a chance to win it all.

I know it’s early in the season but does this most recent game make the Rangers the World Series favorites?  And does this game make Josh Hamilton the AL MVP favorite?  Will Hamilton win the first Triple Crown since 1967 when Carl Yastrzemski did it for Boston?

Watch Hamilton’s 4 monstrous blasts and how he impressed the baseball world!

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