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I Should Have Kept My Mouth Shut…



And here’s to you, misses Robertson!

Gotta keep it real…As bad as last night was for Philadelphia, New York had a similar if not worse night.  David Robertson just blew his first save in his second attempt against the first place Rays, blowing a great start by David Phelps.  Mariano Rivera is officially missed.  Robertson has routinely working himself into and out of trouble, but it caught up to him.  To make matters even more insulting, the death-blow was a home run off the bat of Matt Joyce in which Joyce fell as he made contact and limped around the bases.  The Yanks could have made a further dent in the Rays AL East lead, and instead they caught a glimpse of life without Mo, which is a lot less comfortable.


Knicks pattywacked, give the Heat their bone

The Knicks played hard, kept it somewhat close, but in the end, the Heat were just too good.  The best word to describe the Knicks season is weird.  They had a slow start, Linsanity, a fired head coach, Carmelo taking all the blame in the world, Carmelo being looked at as the best player ever, knee injuries to three starting guards, a fire extinguisher that fought back, etc.  Watching the drama that unfolds over the summer should be just as interesting, as the head coaching job is still up in the air.  Now Knicks fans start to root for anyone who plays the Heat, but let’s be honest, Miami looks like have a pretty easy road to the finals.  I think the only team that has a fighting chance is the Celtics, but that would mean rooting for Boston, which is just about as bad as rooting for Philly teams.


Hey Rangers – it would have been a capital idea to win

Finally, the Rangers had a chance to close out the pesky Capitals in Game 6 tonight, and they flat-out did not show up.  They lost the game 2-1, and were shut out until they got a fortuitous bounce.  Once again, the Capitals beat the Rangers in their own game, blocking shots and clogging up all passing lanes.  Ranger fans have gone from feeling joyous after a great OT win, to realizing that we are incredibly lucky that this series isn’t over already.  Looking at this series realistically, New York was lucky in their 3 OT winning game, as Ovechkin hit a post and Washington had many more scoring chances to win that game.  In the last game, the Rangers miraculous comeback took place with 6 seconds left.  If either of those breaks went the Capitals way, the Rangers would be home already.  I still feel as if the Rangers have the heart and pride to defend Madison Square Garden, but Game 7 will be tough.  We have three days to regroup, adjust and try to figure out the Caps defense and Braden Holtby.  However, it’s hard to live this one down today.

The only positive thing that came out of this is that Philadelphia still sucks more, as the Mets swept the Phillies.  However, of all the games tonight, I have the least interest in that, so overall I guess my Phucking Phily tirade blew up in my face tonight.  Karma is a phucking bitch!


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  1. What can I say Bobby. Robertson is being indoctrinated. I give him a pass. The Knicks are what they have always been, a lot of hype. As for the Rangers, too little too late. They need to show up on Saturday and I believe they will. EDB

    May 10, 2012 at 12:44 AM

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