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The NBA’s Most Embarrassing Player!


What's the Metta? World Peace too quiet?

Enough is enough! The Artest formally know as Ron has once again embarrassed the NBA like no other player could.  Ironically in September 2011 Ron Artest legally changed his name to Metta World Peace to help portray his new “well-behaved” persona.  Well Metta, you are going to have to do a whole lot more than change your name to fix your most recent moronic move.  It makes me sick that I used to be a huge fan of Artest when he was with the St. John’s Red Storm, and when he came into the NBA I was very impressed with his tenacious defense.  It seems as if all the respect I have ever had for Metta is completely gone now after his vicious elbow to the head of the Oklahoma City Thunders James Harden.  The sickest thing about this elbow, which gave Harden a concussion, is the fact that Metta had the nerve to deny his intentions and claims it was all a mistake.  Take a look at the video and see what you think:

In the replay you can clearly see that Artest not only knew Harden was there but he planted that elbow the exact way he wanted to.  If this was a first time offender pulling a disgraceful tactic like this then I would expect some leniency on the part of the NBA…but it’s not.  Metta Artest, (I refuse to use his last name because of it’s irony), has proven time and again that he is a player that although very talented, never grew out of his “street-ball” mentality he developed growing up in the Queens projects.  He has no regard for the integrity of the game or the people around him playing the game.  Artest was one of the main contributors in the “Malice at Auburn Hills,” which is known as the most embarrassing moment in NBA history.  He literally ran into the stands in Detroit and fought fans during an actual basketball game.  Here’s how it looked:

You can watch that video a thousand times and it will still make you want to be one of those fans punching Artest and the other moronic players involved.  A day after the altercation the NBA handed Artest an 86 game suspension, the longest suspension for an on-court incident in NBA history.  You would figure that he would have learned his lesson at that point but somehow he found a way to surprise us once again.

It’s not just Artest’s on-court antics that makes him the biggest A-hole in sports but his array of interviews and off-court comments that help him build that reputation.  In 2010, after winning the NBA Championship with the L.A. Lakers, Artest decided that he should deface not only his own image but that of his families as well.  In this next video you will see what I would consider one of the most intoxicated athletes I have ever seen televised, and that coming from a Jets fan who grew up on Joe Namath interviews.

If those three videos are not enough for the NBA to hand Metta a suspension that keeps him benched for the rest of this season and the playoffs then I don’t know what will.  This is a guy who has been suspended 13 separate times for a total of 111 games.  At this point I wouldn’t even care if they never let him play again.  Let me know how long you think he should be suspended for his most recent folly.

4 responses

  1. I am extremely disappointed in the 7 game suspension and I hope someone levels Artest in the face the game he comes back.

    April 26, 2012 at 11:50 AM

  2. JMS

    This was a truly despicable act. It exemplifies that this guy didn’t learn a thing from his past and should be punished and charged with misdemeanor assault. He’s a disgrace and it gets me fired up that the league tolerates it by only giving him 7.

    April 25, 2012 at 11:07 PM

  3. 7 games, he’ll be back by round 2 if the Lakers make it through…Definitely not enough, though in the Detroit situation, the fans who ran on the court deserved to get punched…

    April 25, 2012 at 4:51 PM

  4. Artest ranks up there with Albert “Joey” Belle from Baseball. He needs help. The commissioner should suspend him for the rest of this season including playoffs and probably next year too. EDB

    April 24, 2012 at 11:30 PM

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