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Best Team in Town!


Power Rangers! Mighty morphin into NHL greatest!

With all the talk about Tebow, Lin, Melo, MLB opening up, etc., etc., no one is recognizing the best story in town right now.  The New York Rangers finished the season in 1st place in the East, play the best defense in all of the NHL, and have arguably the greatest goaltender in the game today.  They have veteran leadership, young talent and players who play the game the right way.  They pick each other up, defend one another on the ice, play hard for their coach and are a pleasure to root for.  If you enjoy sports, players who are stand-up and a team that sticks together, jump on board the Ranger bandwagon.

Minutes ago, the Ranges defeated the Ottawa Senators 1-0 in a thrilling game.  Hendrik Lundqvist recorded his fourth career playoff shutout, making 39 saves for the win.  He stood on his head in the last ten minutes of the game, defending the Rangers net like a madman.  The Rangers only goal was scored by Brian Boyle, a 6’7″ bruiser who has recently found the net in each of the Rangers playoff games.  He is typically a checking forward who has never been known for his scoring, but he has been nothing but clutch so far in this series.

For all you hockey haters who complain about the violence, this game was played extremely clean.  There were no fights, great saves, strong hits and thrilling action.  Ranger captain Ryan Callahan hustled all over the ice, put his body on the line to block shots and lead the team in a way that all captains should emulate.  Tonight was a GIANT win, swinging the momentum in the Rangers favor going into Game 4 on Wednesday.  The Rangers have battled through adversity all year-long and this game was a magnified example of their tenacity.  It’s about time that New York backs this team that exemplifies everything professional sports should be about.  Recognize…

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  1. Matthew Todd Erich

    The Rangers looked great last night but that’s not forget that this is still hockey. Last nights game may have been clean but 4 of the other playoff games I’ve watched so far had at least 3 fights in each of them. I don’t mind watching hockey the way everyone else in the America does but I can definitely see where they’re from

    April 17, 2012 at 10:51 AM

    • I agree that the violence takes away from the game, but good, clean hitting is a great part of the sport. Game 3 in the Rangers series had a lot of that, along with great skill in all phases of the game. However, the most talked about series at the national level at this point in the Flyers/Penguins, which has featured a lot of fighting, along with other violence. Even the NHL’s golden boy Sidney Crosby and been involved in the fighting, and although it’s not what NHL purists would rather see less aggresivness, there is no denying it has been fun to watch and it’s getting some attention for a sport that needs it. If fighting attracts people to take notice, I am fairly confident that the great skill attached to the violence will help convert people into fans.

      April 17, 2012 at 11:32 PM

  2. Bobby:
    The Rangers certainly have a chance to do something this season. They need to get by Otawa. Tonight’s 1-0 win is obviously huge. Lundqvist came up big. Hagelin should have received a one game suspension and not three. His elbow of Alfredson, I believe was not intentional. Many people on the net are saying it was dirty. The Senators came out chippy. Thier players should have received suspensions. I disagree that the length of suspension should be based on severity of injury. Anyhow, let’s take game three and bring it back to the Garden. EDB

    April 16, 2012 at 11:03 PM

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