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Johan’s Day in the Sun


Don't turn your back on me, baby

I want to preface this article by saying I am not a Mets fan.  However, even I can respect a great player who has battled through a lot to have a great moment.  In the Mets home opener, Johan Santana threw five scoreless innings.  This was very standard for Johan in year passed, however Johan was pitching in his first major league game since undergoing surgery on Sept. 14, 2010, to repair his left shoulder.  He was out all of last year, and many Met fans felt as if they would never see their ace on the mound again.  Today, he looked like the Santana who the Mets traded for and signed him to 6 year, 137.5 million dollar contract back in 2008.

Santana is simply a stud when healthy.  In 11 seasons he has pitched to a 133-69 record and a fantastic 3.10 ERA. The Mets thought they were trading for the arm that would take them over the hump and deliver their first World Series since 1986.  However, due to injuries, they have paid a boat load of money to watch him perform in small stints and mostly rehab many times.  Although the Mets do not look ready to compete on an everyday basis, they had a great moment today at Citi Field as they won their season opener against the rival Braves and were able to experience a day when their ace lived up to his contract.

Many of the cynics (Met fans) believe that if Santana stays healthy and delivers like he did today, the Mets will be better off trading him in July and building for the future with some young talent.  The Mets are strapped for cash, and want to avoid what happened with Jose Reyes, as they were unable to resign him and lost him to free agency receiving no compensation for their star shortstop.  However it plays out, I feel very happy for Santana who has always handled himself with class, and I hope he can stay healthy and provide Met fans enjoyment in any of his future starts.  He has worked hard and deserves whatever success he may experience in the future.

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