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Haney Broke the Man Code, Exposed Tiger!

Hank Haney, Tiger Woods old swing coach has released a tell-all book about the life of what some might call the greatest golfer ever.  He has marketed the book as a book about Tiger’s golf, an insight into what makes Tiger Woods great.  However, the content also included personal stories about Tiger’s wife, kids, feelings about other players and desire to look at pornography.

Many people have taken great offense to Haney’s addition of this information of this information.  Craig Carton, of the WFAN “Boomer and Carton Morning Show”, is among these people.  In an interview yesterday morning, Craig laced into Haney on several topics, accusing Haney of breaking the “code” of Tiger’s trust and airing out his dirty laundry to the entire world.  In the interview, Carton calls Haney a coward, scum of the earth, and a horrible human being among other things.  It was by far one of the most intense, attacks I’ve ever heard in a volunteered Sports Interview.

With that said, I totally agree with everything Craig has to say to Haney in the interview.  Haney has exposed Tiger, gotten close to his family, and years after he worked with him, is making money off Tiger’s celebrity.  If I was Tiger Woods, and I saw Haney at a golfing event in the future, I would take a seven iron to Haney’s skull.  Listen to the video of the interview to listen to Craig’s take, and let us know if you agree with the accusations Craig lays on Haney.



2 responses

  1. mr. know-it-all

    i happened to hear the Carton interview with Haney. my first impression was the guy was getting the abuse and criticism he deserved. but then, i stopped to think about the real trust that was violated. and that goes back to Tiger Woods. before we have sympathy for Tiger being a victim of violated trust, let’s remember the violation of trust Tiger himself perpetrated over the public, and cashed in on to become a billionaire. he was the front man for buick, nike, rolex, to name a few of his major endorsements secured on the fiction of his wholesome, upstanding image. i’m not saying his actions to the contrary of that image make him a criminal or deviant. sex scandals surrounding public personalities, from Clinton to Letterman to Schwarzenegger, have become as commonplace and numerous as dunkin’ donuts shops.

    however, to have any sympathy for Tiger Woods as a victim on any level is inappropriate. if nothing else, he chose to surround himself with others just like him, and took the chance they, in this case Haney, wouldn’t do to him what he had done on a massive scale. Woods ingratiated himself into the public trust, and exploited it for his own gain, only to prove himself unworthy of that trust. despite the common occurrance of celebrity sex scandal, corporate America is not making multi-million $ deals with the perpetrators. so Tiger hid behind his image and rang up the register. Haney could have blown the cover off of Tiger at a time when he could have been the one to blow the cover off of Tiger. at this point, all he is really doing is trying to cash in by either re-telling the story we already know, or filling in the blanks. in the ways of violation of a trust, it’s a case of role reversal with Tiger coaching Haney.

    April 2, 2012 at 10:33 AM

  2. I am a huge fan of Boomer & Carton and I feel that Carton might have been over the line a little. The one thing I agree with Carton on is that this should not have been marketed as a Golf book and rather been marketed as a tell-all Tiger Woods book. I don’t disagree with Hank writing it because I am sure all of us have ex-bosses that we would love to profit off writing a book about. With all that being said, I think Carton seems to have a little crush on Tiger based on how upset he was getting.

    March 31, 2012 at 3:16 PM

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