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Tiger – Out of the Woods?


Tiger's got his wood back.

This past weekend, Tiger Woods did something that he hasn’t done since he admitted his infidelity…he won a PGA Tour event.  Eldrick Tont Woods, or as we all know him, Tiger, has been on a steady decline from the golden boy he once was in the world’s eyes.  Tiger was once the poster child for everything that was good in sports.  This was a man who graced the cover of Sports Illustrated on a regular basis as well as setting all kinds of records throughout his young career.  He went from the highest paid athlete in the world, (an estimated $91 million earned in 2010), to the largest ongoing joke through multiple media outlets.  It can be argued that Tigers fallout from golf was the biggest tragedy in sports for the past 3 years.  What Tiger has done for Golf since his emergence at the professional level in August 1996, can only be compared to the likes of what Michael Jordan and Babe Ruth and Johnny Unitas did for their respective sports.

Tiger Woods has won 14 professional major golf tournaments in his storied career, which is only second in history behind the great Jack Nicklaus (18).  Tiger’s 72 PGA victories ranks third all time only trailing Sam Snead and Nicklaus.  Woods got his 72nd victory this past weekend at Bay Hill golf course for the Arnold Palmer Invitational.  This was an extremely important win for Tiger because it not only ended the longest win-less streak of his career, (26 starts), but it came two weeks after he had to remove himself from a tournament at Doral due to an Achilles Tendon injury.  After the win Tiger said, “I’ve gotten better, and that’s the main thing, I’ve been close for a number of tournaments now. And it was just a matter of staying the course and staying patient, keep working on fine-tuning what we’re doing. And here we are.”  The other significance comes from the fact that The Masters is just two weeks away.  Winning his 72nd event was important, but Tiger has his eyes set on one record and that is Jacks big number 18.

This past weekends victory puts Tiger back into the top 10, (#6), for the first time since May 22, 2011, and gives him great momentum heading into the Masters.  With 4 wins and 12 top 10 finishes, The Masters is considered Tiger’s best of the 4 majors.  A lot of people argue that Tiger has lost that electrifying spark that he once possessed to help him win 14 majors because he hasn’t won one since the U.S. Open in 2008.  But there are many players that are still fearful of the old Tiger coming back.  “He’s going to be a force at Augusta,” said Ian Poulter, who finished third at the Arnold Palmer Invitational.  With a 4th place finish in last years Masters, and all the trials and tribulations he has gone through over the past couple of years, one can only hope that Tiger will reign supreme once again.


3 responses

  1. totally agree with know-it-all. To me, Tiger Woods is not somebody I feel very much sympathy towards. He isn’t a victim in this situation. He made a mistake, hell, seems like he made a lot and nothing that has happened to him or his career is unwarranted. With the said, I don’t think Tiger is evil or deserves for his career to be doomed. If he comes back and plays well, then I’ll be happy for his tale of redemption. But will I lose any sleep if he never regains him dominance, not at all. My sympathy goes out to individuals whose careers are shortened by illness, unforeseen injuries or other tragedies that are out of their control. Tiger’s situation was self-inflicted, everything that has happened to him was brought upon by his decision making and was totally in his control. I think golf is much more exciting when Tiger is playing well and obviously it is a much more marketable sport when he is at the top of it, but with all of the misfortune in the world that occurs each day, I would say Tiger Woods fall from the #1 position ranks pretty low when put in proper perspective.

    March 29, 2012 at 11:10 PM

  2. mr. know-it-all

    i’m not even a golf fan, no less a tiger woods fan. that said, i do, however, pay attention to the world in which i live. and in paying attention to the rise and fall of tiger woods, i must dispute the tone of sympathy toward his demise suggeested in your posting here. you seem to regard tiger’s downfall almost as a result of circumstance and outside influences. this can not be further from reality. tiger woods’ fall from grace is the result of his ego-driven/narcisistic misbehavior which, rightly so, has lead to public reprimand and ridicule. even his abundant talent could not nullify the impact the upheaval of his life was bound to have on his professional performance. as this scandal has shown on many levels, tiger too is merely human. and while this past weekend may indeed mark an upturn in what has been a nearly 3 year downward spiral, please keep in mind tiger’s detour from the top of the leader board was down a road of his own paving.

    March 27, 2012 at 10:11 PM

  3. I’m really hoping to see Tiger Woods become number 1 again.

    March 27, 2012 at 2:56 PM

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