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Debate of the Day: Is Peyton Manning’s decision to play for the Denver Broncos the correct decision?


NyBobby’s Take:   No, Peyton Manning is absolutely making a mistake.  He should not sign with Denver, he should not sign with Miami, in fact he should not be signing a contract to play with anyone.  We have seen this story before and it never ends well for the legendary Quarterback who has taken his talents to another city after playing an entire career in one.  Look at Favre, Montana and Unitas.  Peyton Manning was drafted a Colt, played a great 13 years with their organization and should have retired in Colt blue and white.  He is to the Colts what John Elway is to Peyton’s new team: The all-time franchise Quarterback.  Elway knew when to hang it up, Peyton needs to follow suit.
Peyton Manning should really be joining either ESPN, CBS, NBC or another analyst position.  He could also pursue a career in coaching, in which I’m sure the Colts would have been glad to oblige.  Everyone has seen Peyton in countless TV commercials and SNL skits.  He is extremely personable, has a great sense of humor and seems to be one of those people who will succeed in any path of life.  That is if he chooses to walk away while he possesses the capacity to think clearly.


I know he has the desire to be on the field as a player, but Manning has to consider the risk.  Is one or two more years really enough to risk a potential life altering injury?  His neck fusion surgery still has complications and he is at an advanced age in which injuries don’t heal as quickly.  He is not a mobile QB, never was, and at 38 he will be less so.  As a QB, Manning will be sitting in the pocket, and will undeniably take a ton of hits.   There is no way to know that he will be his former self and if he takes another shot to the head or neck, there is no guarantee that he can enjoy the same quality of life as he could now if he just walks away.  

Peyton has accomplished everything in the NFL imaginable.  13 seasons all with one franchise.  Third in passing yards in NFL history, a Super Bowl Ring, Super Bowl MVP and multiple NFL regular season MVPs.  Unless he is feeling pressure to finish with more Super Bowl’s then his little brother, I can’t see the force that would make him undergo this risk.  We all know Peyton Manning is headed to the Pro Football Hall of Fame already.  As a fan, I’d prefer to see him walk to the podium to deliver his speech under his own power.

Matthewtodderich’s Take:  Peyton Manning is 100% making the correct decision.  Let’s start with easy reasons.  First, the Denver Broncos are coming off a successful season where they not only won the AFC West, but they also upset the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round of the playoffs.  The final play of the Broncos Steelers game was an 80 yard overtime touchdown pass to Peyton’s future favorite target Demaryious Thomas.  Secondly, the Broncos also had the best rushing defense in the league last year with a very young team that will only get better.

 Some people might question whether Peyton coming back to football at all is the right decision.  To those people, all I have to say is “4 MVP’s.”  Yes he suffered an injury that can be career ending but he also went through an entire season of rehab and passed every physical examination to this point.  Since being drafted #1 out of Tennessee by the Colts he has only proved to be nothing but flawless.

The “Free Agency Era” started back in 1993 and to this day no one has been more sought after then Peyton himself. I believe that the talent Peyton posses and the team he has chosen to go to with fit perfectly together.  They are my early preseason pick to not only win the AFC West again but to definitely make some noise deeper into the playoffs.  If John Elway can make Tim Tebow look like a playoff caliber quarterback then God only knows what he can do for arguably the greatest quarterback ever.


3 responses

  1. Blue

    I still think 49er’s were the best option as the most Super Bowl ready team. After watching the NFC Championship game it was clear Smith was their biggest question mark… Of course Smith is a decent quarterback, but Manning, assuming he is healthy could of been a big upgrade… especially with the addition of Mario Manningham as a target. Manningham needs a QB who has got it under control like Peyton and I don’t think Smith is there yet after all the SF crap he has had….But what do I know. Manning decided Denver… Peyton will feel pressure to bring a championship to Denver… enormous pressure. Should be interesting to watch this season against the opponents Denver faces. I assume my team, (The Giants) will have a big down year next year, as they always seem to do after winning a championship, so I’ll need something to keep me amused. The Super Bowl for the 2013 season is at MetLife Stadium. Now wouldn’t it be something if Peyton won a ring in Eli’s house?

    March 22, 2012 at 9:58 PM

  2. JMS

    Its cold out there in the rockies!! He’s not in a dome anymore, nor does he have Clark, Wayne or Garcon as targets. Sure, he’s going to have several attempts to Thomas but, let’s be honest, he’ll get doubled and have to resort to other options. His timing is going to be off, not to say he won’t rectify that after 3-4 games. I do believe he is fully healed from his injury, bobby. Like you said, he’s a smart guy and its proven year in and year out, the last thing he would do is jeopardize his well-being. I think Denver has a strong O-line that will only get better, I think this weighed heavily on Peyton’s decision, he needs security and protection. Honestly, I think his brothers success is playing a role in his return…It’s firing up his competitive nature, nobody wants to be the second best quarterback in the family.

    March 20, 2012 at 12:21 AM

  3. Paul Horowitz

    I would agree more with Matt in the fact that I think manning has a few years left, though I don’t think the broncos are the right spot for him the 49ers would be better. Going out on top is of course is a great story but, playing devils advocate says how do you know ur done until ur done.

    March 19, 2012 at 6:34 PM

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