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Not Really That Lincredible At All


Linsanity is over.  The point guard sensation who came out of nowhere and took New York City by storm is not nearly as good as every Knick fan who punched a ticket to the NBA finals originally thought.  The Knicks have gone 1-4 in the past 5 games, including losses to Dallas, San Antonio, Miami and Boston.  Lin’s first week as a starter featured him in games against Toronto, New Jersey, Washington and Minnesota.  Lin played great and it looked like the Knicks might have a chance to make some playoff noise.  Now it is very clear that neither Lin or the Knicks can stand up to the elite teams in the NBA.

Lin is not a good outside shooter, he does not have the ability to use his left hand, he turns the ball over way too much and he can’t play defense to save his life.  In the last 5 games, Lin is shooting .358 from the field and .267 from behind the arc.  He’s averaging just over 6 assists and 3 turnovers a game, a 2:1 ratio which is border line terrible.  He is still scoring the ball as a result of his knack of forcing up low percentage shots. However, the Knicks have enough scorers on the team and Lin and Anthony have showed no ability to play together as of yet.

I am rooting for Lin to do well as his underdog story is obviously easy to support.  I am also a pretty big Carmelo Anthony fan and I really want to see the Knicks win.  However, I also need to keep it real.  I believe Lin can be a decent to good NBA player.  I think he has the basketball IQ to play within the system and improve in some of his areas of weakness (ex. defense, ball security).  However, after watching the Knicks play in the past couple weeks, I believe the team and Lin are extremely over-hyped.  The Knicks are three games below .500.  If New York really wants to get excited about a winning team, people need to start paying respect to the other professional club in MSG.

With all that said, if I was starting an NBA team today, Lin would not be in the top 15 PG’s I would choose to build my franchise around.  Rondo, Parker and Deron have all outplayed him in recent games.  As a role player, I still think Lin can succeed in the NBA, but if the Knicks are looking for a marquee PG, they need to turn their sites elsewhere (D-Williams would probably swim across the Hudson river to escape the Nets).

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  1. I Actually watch games

    have you even watched the past couple of games? this is a very poorly written article with hardly any truth to it. First ill focus on Lins defense. He is a bad defender because? he’s averaging over a steal and a half per game. He got outplayed by rondo? D Will? what about when he lit d will up in his first start, or how he actually would have won against had melo not crapped the bed or amare played a little D. You also talked about losing to Dallas, Boston, Miami, and SA. What about when he scored 38 points along with two handfulls of assists against the lakers?….you left that out….
    When you play 10 games all garbage time and finish with 0 points and 0 assists that really makes your stat totals take a hit. Maybe you should check his stats from feb 4 on. Nothing before that means or should mean anything.
    These past 5 games have been different. Mostly because Melo and Amare are garbage and partly because our best defensive players are both out. Its gonna be hard to win with your two best defenders out replaced by two ball stopping, lane clogging, selfish, low IQ ball players. Lins best performances all came when amare and melo were injured and he had the reins of the offense. Until Lin has the ball as the main and only decision maker we wont win. This should have been about our Hundred million dollar men not a guy averaging 3 turnovers a game.
    PS…. Stop watching espn and start watching the team because things like this are the reaon why journalism is no longer credible.

    March 11, 2012 at 12:04 AM

    • I Actually watch games

      just to clear up one last thing. In Lins 17 starts hes averaging 21 and 9 with 2.5 sleals per game. thats pretty solid if you ask me

      March 11, 2012 at 12:21 AM

    • 1. I didn’t cite any statistics about Lin’s garbage time minutes. Your entire point about not counting his early season appearances is valid, which is why in the article I didn’t write anything about it so extremely confused as why you would choose that as a point you felt the need to argue.

      2. I have watched every game. As I result I don’t need to cite statistics to state the fact that Jeremy Lin is a weak defensive player and turns the ball over a lot. He does not fight over picks, he does not keep anyone out of the lane, he is significantly slower then most of the PG’s he is guarding. These are all true points that you don’t see from watching ESPN. However, I do watch ESPN from time to time and I’m assuming you do as well because you happen to think you know what they are saying about Lin. And in regards to that, I would imagine that would notice that nothing on ESPN has reflected my thoughts on Jeremy Lin and his overhyping, because ESPN (along with the Daily Post) is the main reason for the hype.

      3. You want to talk about 38 points against the Lakers, that fine. The Knicks are in the Eastern Conference and in order to make playoff noise you will need to match up against the HEAT AND CELTICS. So lets talk about the Heat game since in my opinion, and the opinion of most, that was his biggest test to date. 1/11 shooting. After the game Lin said “I can’t remember another game where it was hard to just take dribbles.” 3 assist, 8 turnovers. I don’t care that much about what he does against the Bucks, Nets or Wizards. He looked like a child against Miami, the one team the Knicks really need to measure themselves against. And yes, he was outplayed by Parker, Rondo and Williams the second time. I don’t understand your use of ?’s in your response, because I don’t see how anyone who REALLY WATCHES THE GAMES would see that any differently.

      4. You are also fair to say that Melo and Amare are to blame for the recent woes of the team. However, it is the PG’s job to put the ball in the teams playmakers hands to give them the best chance to make a play. Steve Nash does that routinely. Lin has not meshed well with his “100 Million Dollar Players”, and I did not place the blame on him alone. Amare, Anthony, Lin and DaAntoni all need to take some blame.

      5. I didn’t say Lin was the worse PG in the league. I said he has a high basketball IQ, can easily improve his areas of weakness and that he can do a good job as a system PG. If you want a scoring PG thats fair, but how did the Knicks do with Stephon Marbury? The main objective of the article is that Linsaniy (the over hyping) of Jeremy Lin is over, and it is. I NEVER said Jeremy Lin can’t be a productive NBA player.

      PS. Before stating that any article is poorly written, check to make sure the points you are arguing were actually addressed in the article in the first place.

      March 11, 2012 at 12:56 PM

      • Ellen

        Well written article , and a good reply from NY Bobby….

        March 12, 2012 at 12:31 AM

  2. I think that is it a little early to say that Linsanity is over. The recent Knicks struggles can be attributed to many things…the least of all Jeremy Lin. With a record of 8-15 on the morning of February 4th, the Knicks were a phone call away from dropping Jeremy Lin and picking up Mike James. Thank God that didn’t happen otherwise I probably still wouldn’t be able to watch my Knicks on Time Warner Cable. This undrafted Harvard graduate not only revitalized an overpaid/underachieving New York Knicks team but he also reenergized a city that used to be known for having the most diehard, devoted fans in the league. That in itself should be enough to say that Linsanity will last through the rest of this season.
    When Lin came in the Knicks won 7 games in a row and suddenly became the talk of the NBA. Even though some of those wins were against teams below .500 he did it without the teams top 2 scores, Amare and Melo. Let’s not forget that he did pull off wins during that streak against potential playoff teams like the Lakers, Jazz and T-wolves. After a couple of loses he was still able to step up his game and beat the defending champion Dallas Mavericks. Lin has stepped up and proved that he can be a dominating force in any given game. So because the Knicks lost to the Heat in Miami and Spurs in San Antonio and then the Mavericks in Dallas you are ready to write him off? That seems a little premature to me. I think that if you put all the pieces together you will see that there has been one common denominator in the Knicks losses…Carmelo Anthony.
    I know that you can argue that Carmelo Anthony is one of the top 10 players in the NBA but numbers don’t lie. Maybe due to the injuries that he’s recently suffered or possibly the D’Antoni system he’s been put into, but Carmelo Anthony is not playing like the player he once was. For the season the Knicks are 11-18 with Carmelo and 7-4 without him in the lineup while with Jeremy Lin in the lineup they are still 3 games above .500. Carmelo is having career lows in scoring and shooting percentage and doesn’t look to be turning it around anytime soon.
    So to me the question shouldn’t be is Linsanity over, but should be what should the Knicks do about Carmelo Anthony.

    P.S. J-Lin is way to smart to go after Kim Kardashian.

    March 10, 2012 at 1:16 PM

    • There is a difference in “writing off” media-created sensationalistic story and writing off Lin as a player. I said he could still be solid, did not say Knicks need to cut him today

      March 12, 2012 at 6:46 AM

  3. mr. know it all

    i was an early skeptic. not that Lin and Knicks weren’t having success when he entered the line-up, especially compared to the period immediately prior. but it was largely vs. inferior competition. you are right that he’s been exposed somewhat, and more correct about the rush to over-hyping, which is a commonplace NY phenomenon (i.e., Jaba, Man-Genius)

    March 9, 2012 at 4:50 PM

  4. Jawsh_E

    So I guess this means Lin won’t be on the next season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians?

    March 9, 2012 at 4:44 PM

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